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From Autumn : Absence

Brazilians From Autumn debut with some creative yet old-school melodic Death/Doom.

From Autumn are a four-piece band from Brazil. Apart from a single release in 2013, this is their first release. A rather long time to wait for an album, since the band started in 2011, but is it worth the wait?

This band reminds me a bit of Daylight Dies, with their main influences coming from bands like Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Katatonia and Moonspell.

'One War' opens up with straight in your face growls. Leads and bass have great separation in them as well, which really helps hearing the instruments in their own right. Sombre vocal lines and epic leads plus fast tempo changes add a nice twist to this first track. The riffs are well thought out and each part holds up in its own right.

Drums are sporadic and change things up. The snare is in your face, flat and big. I'm not sure if I like the sound of the drums on the actual mix itself but am slowly changing my opinion after a few spins. It's hard to be creative on vocals when they are sung in a slow painful way so maybe more harmonies would be great, even though on these types of songs the emphasis is as depressing as hell.

By the third song we have again some faster tempos and lead work. 'Night Time' shows the band at full throttle. Solos are present through the next song and the album I feel could have more solos on it, as they really liven the mood and balance.

'White Walls' has a nice open feel to it at the start. The bass really pushes through on this track. Faster melodies and passages vibrate through your eardrums. This is a great song and one of the best on the album, some very interesting twists and structures. The band are not afraid to try different approaches within the genre, and this will only grow with time.

'Walking in Painful Ways' again has some nicely orchestrated bass notes at the start. The melodies and harmonies are again really strong on this song and I definitely felt the second half of this album is stronger. But, by the time I listened to it all again, the first half of the album was better because I understood where they are coming from, musically.

The clean vocals on 'To The Grave' are much stronger and at the forefront of the music. It's a pity it's such a short song as this one was very melodic and had a great feeling to it. The last song is again up there with the best the band has to offer and From Autumn grew on me as the album progressed. The bass was nice and high in the mix and gave drive and direction. All the songs are not too long, so you can get plenty of enjoyment out of each one.

My conclusion is that From Autumn can only get better with time. The production for a first independent release is very good. If they can keep going in this direction they will quickly get a solid fan base going. Give it a spin and see a band trying to push, and not simply staying true to what their own home country has been churning out these past years.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. One War
2. When Death Passes By
3. Night Time
4. The Day That Honey Became Wrath
5. White Walls
6. Walking in Painful Ways
7. Absence

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes

Visit the From Autumn bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-02-25 by Riccardo Veronese
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