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Somber Trad Doom with elements of Death Doom such as (occasional) growls and an above average slowness/heaviness....
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Dom : Dom II End (Reissue)

A solid mix of Ambient/Funeral Doom fills Dom's reissued 2012 sophomore full-length.

Dom was a side project created in 2010 that spawned from Poenarian Mist. The music is mainly Funeral Doom with elements of down tempos and creepy effects. Dom describe it as an unique universe of depression. Their main influences are bands such as Nortt, Ea, Catacombs, Reclusiam and Shape Of Despair.

It's a quiet start, odd sounds vibrate through your eardrums. When the first song kicks in, it's atmospheric and has a dramatic feel to it. Drums are big and sparse, leaving you to dwell on your inner demons. This is like something horrible giving birth to a blackness only evil would smile at.

The keys are well rounded and give a deep feeling to the song. It's almost like some old film you're watching, and the music is just adding to the suspense. This is much improved from the 2010 release 'I'. Iván "Belial" Manzano has improved in writing and production.

'I Am One' is totally different, from the stabbing melodies at the start to a more up-tempo feel. This flows beautifully and has a darker nature to it. Piano elegantly chimes away over the distortion of the guitars.

'Keep on Searching' is another huge atmospheric number. No vocals brush over these songs. The overall melodies have a hypnotic feel to them and pull at the receptors in your brain. Again, we are treated to the haunting chimes and horrible sounds of darkness like a fever that won't break its paralysing grip on your mind.

'My Last Day' feels like a lost soul imprisoned. Chopping riffs create a suffocating ambience. Bass sits nicely in the mix but could maybe have been a notch higher so we could have explored the notes and melodies. The track explodes into life later, and gives the album a very different feel.

The album draws to a close, and it's a quiet ending as more sombre notes and pads grace your ears. It was an enjoyable listen. There are parts that maybe went on too long, and some areas with not enough variation, but still a very solid production.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Life Ends
2. I Am One
3. Hope
4. Keep On Searching
5. Desperation
6. Master Of Myself
7. My Last Day
8. One With The Dead World…

Duration : Approx. 56 minutes

Visit the Dom bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-01-29 by Riccardo Veronese
Aesthetic Death
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