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Eyehategod : Confederacy of Ruined Lives

The kings of sludgedoom are back in line! It was to be expected after the collection 'Southern Discomfort' and the European tour earlier this year.

A short description for those who don't know the band: Eyehategod shits on everything that looks pretty and succesful, something that is in particular emphasized by enfant terrible Mike Williams who is spitting his hate and frustration. Another typical element of the sound of this band, is the sludgy, ultra heavy, rounded wall of guitar sound that gives you the impression that you wade knee-deep in the hazy swamps of Louisiana. You can easily compare Eyehategod with Sleep or Grief.

The music on 'Confederacyof Ruined Lives' is (fortunately) not yet beautiful, but it's still very addictive. Fellow doomfreaks, Eyehategod sounds even more eager and heavier than before, so make sure that you don't miss this CD!

[note by admin: This review was originally written for Mindview (a Belgian metal zine) by Kurt de Meulemeester. It was translated from Belgian by Kostas Panagiotou. It no longer exists on the original website.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Revelation/Revolution
2. Blood Money
3. Jack Ass In The Will Of God
4. Self Medication Blues
5. The Concussion Machine Process
6. Inferior And Full Of Anxiety
7. .0001%
8. 99 Miles Of Bad Road
9. Last Year (She Wanted A Doll House)
10. Corruption Scheme

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes

Visit the Eyehategod bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kurt de Meulemeester
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