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The inclusion of additional veteran musicians on Ennui's third album lifts it to a new level.
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Moscow band Deceptive, formed in 1994, were one of the earliest Russian Death/Doom acts, drawing influences from contemporary Peaceville acts, particular...
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Poema Arcanus : ARCANE XIII

This quality work from Poema Arcanus, a well-educated doom band hailing from a country as distant as Chile, smothers us with not less than 73 minutes of pure dark doom. There is not a trace of joy on this album, nor any glimpse of the sun; the night is long, dark and cold.

The tempo is generally very low and the clear, deep vocals from Claudio Carrasco are even deeper than those of Peter Steele (Type O Negative). Mourning, low-tuned guitars shred the sky into pieces and the majestic, dark keyboards create a sacred atmosphere with a particular Chilean touch from those four gentlemen plus one lady.

Furthermore, 'ARCANE XIII' has a crystal-clear production and it should fit nicely in any doom collection. You can order this album for 20 US$ from Claudio Carrasco, PO Box 24, Santiago-43, Chili.

[note by admin: This review was originally written for Mindview (a Belgian metal zine) by Kurt de Meulemeester. It was translated from Belgian by Kostas Panagiotou. It no longer exists on the original website.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Nocturnal Blossom
2. Latent Eclipse
3. Consummatum Est*
4. Vastness
5. Essence
6. Female Poison
7. Timeless Sands
8. R´lyeh
9. Ensoñación*
10. Isolation
11. Winds of July
12. Desde el Umbral*

3. It is Finished (from Latin)
9. Fantasy/Dream (from Spanish)
12. From the Threshold (from Spanish)

Duration : Approx. 73 minutes

Visit the Poema Arcanus bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kurt de Meulemeester
Forever Autumn
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