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Formed by Tom Cato Visnes when he left the satanic black metal band Gorgoroth. Fortuenately Saghs desert rock and power metal influenced tradition...
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Eyehategod : Southern Discomfort

Nine previously unreleased tracks from terribly difficult to find singles and split-7'' are collected here, tracks that couldn't be missing from the collection of any Eyehategod fan.

'Southern Discomfort' is not a new cd, but who cares? The sludgy, hatecore-doom that this American quintet serves us, is once again outstanding. Elementary, ultra heavy guitarriffs in the vein of bands like Sleep, Crowbar and Black Sabbath plough themselves slowly forth through a landscape of misery, anger and hate. Singer Michael D. Williams spits to everything that evokes his frustration, while his throat is twisted by pain. Managing to listen the whole way to the end of 'Southern Discomfort' means forty minutes of suffering and drudge.

Those who enjoy the immensely hard sludge doom like Grief, Crowbar or Burning Witch, can not ignore this Eyehategod collection.

[note by admin: This review was originally written for Mindview (a Belgian metal zine) by Kurt de Meulemeester. It was translated from Belgian by Kostas Panagiotou. It no longer exists on the original website.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Ruptured Heart Theory
2. Story of the Eye
3. Blank/Shoplift
4. Southern Discomfort
5. Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere
6. Lack of Almost Everything
7. Peace Thru War (Thru Peace and War)
8. Depress
9. Dopesick Jam

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes

Visit the Eyehategod bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kurt de Meulemeester
No God Only Pain
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