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Murder Hollow : Titan

With a creepy horror movie vibe and ballsy earnestness, Murder Hollow's debut is both entertaining and credible.

Finland's Murder Hollow, active since 2013 and previously with one demo to their name, released their debut full length 'Titan' on Christmas day last year, and by the looks of it have had it properly released by Loneravn Records in May of this year. Murder Hollow I wasn't familiar with, but Loneravn are home to the excellent Megalith Temple, a strange yet thoroughly enjoyable Folk/Doom outfit who come complete with large doses of classical atmosphere. Things boded well for the Finnish band.

However, to say that they have precious little in common with their aforementioned labelmates would be stating the rather obvious, but one thing and one thing alone does tie them together. That would be the many splendoured thing that is Doom Metal.

Murder Hollow are Doom through and through. Highly traditional in approach, they rough up their edges and seams with a Sludge coating and some really evil Death style vocals. Not quite as acerbic as Mudbath but far more scathing than the likes of Serpent Venom, whose mid-paced Sabbathian spookiness is more than in evidence here. If you were to think also of Acid Dream with a blackened soul at the microphone, you might start to paint the picture. It's slow and filthy, and at times sounds a bit like Coffins without the D-Beat rattle.

Songs are split between long, drawn out romps through the mire, and shorter stabs of healthy, doomy riffage while the album itself has a big and gutsy sound. Despite its underground status, 'Titan' has been well crafted and has a decent production, much like Surrogate Prey's half of their split release with Death Before Birth. As well, if you like your Doom to have multiple time changes and all manor of progressive avant-gardeness woven into it then the slow, slightly repeatative nature of Murder Hollows' sound may not be for you.

Enjoyable overall, Murder Hollow aren't treading too much new ground but their creepy horror movie vibe and ballsy earnestness helps to make them both entertaining and credible. It's difficult to stamp your mark in the well thumbed pages of the Traditional Doom book, but it's something I think Murder Hollow can at least claim to have made a valiant start in doing.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. The Witch
2. Titan
3. Reward Of Disbelief
4. Sacred Blood Of The Cacti

Duration : Approx. 44 minutes

Visit the Murder Hollow bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-07-26 by Matt Halsey
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