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Raventale : Memoires (Compilation)

An excellent introduction to Raventale's blackened Doom, with solo re-recordings from after the band developed a live presence.

Ukrainian atmospheric blackened metal band Raventale, formed in 2005 by Astaroth Merc, released a compilation of songs that were re-recorded from the first 4 albums in the summer of 2013, entitled 'Memoires'. It was co-released by Satanath Records and Dark East Productions. There is also a bonus of one new song as well.

They have many characteristics of Black Metal and Doom Metal within their chamber of darkness. Skogen or Coldwar would be bands I would liken them to: the latter being more on the ambient side.

(Considering Astaroth Merc has produced all of Raventale's music, it was bold to bring in new members for live shows from 2012 onwards, but this has only added to the band and maybe down the line they may even contribute to the albums. Among others, Morthvarg Scar (Guitars and Vocals), Athamas (Bass and Vocals), Grim Me (Keyboards) and Khaoth (Drums) have joined, and they are welcome live additions).

Each instrument tells its own story and the separation is perfect through each passage of music. The vocals are dark, brutal and mesmerising. Desperation and misery seem to seep out of every word that is been delivered. The balance of guitars and keys are wonderful and I really enjoyed listening to the many beautiful, flowing melodies throughout each song.

Various themes in their music stretch from the feeling of “staying in the forgotten wilderness” to topics of depression, loneliness and despair. I really feel they take you to these places and get across the message of each album’s concept. This one incorporates “life based on the mythology of India and Tibet''.

'Suicide As The Destined End' and 'Nostalgia' are my stand-out tracks. Nothing is too repetitive, which can be a common theme in Black Metal. Raventale have opened my eyes to a genre that I had grown a bit tired of, and have given it a really fresh outlook, especially in 'Nostalgia', where the harmonies are wonderfully entwined within the mix.

I can't fault the mix or production of this compilation album; everything blends and works well. Each riff is built with emotion and I love the sound of the guitars. The tone is perfect for the rest of the instruments, so I highly recommend this band as a starting point to anyone who wishes to delve into this genre.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Пролог
2. Огнём кромсая небеса
3. Небес смолистая чернь
4. My Birds Of Misfortune
5. Nostalgia
6. Дождя колыбель
7. Серой тоской пораскинулся лес
8. Gone
9. Requiem F.D.
10. Long Passed Days
11. Suicide As The Destined End

Duration : Approx. 67 minutes

Visit the Raventale bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-01-24 by Riccardo Veronese
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