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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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Shades of Deep Water is a one man project by JH. He/she plays a very cold, sterile and lifeless funeral doom with similarities to Il Sangue and
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Beyond Dawn : Frysh

For the rare few of us that have been living in a cave, isolated from the rest of civilisation, and as such not familiar with the fact Beyond Dawn have drastically changed styles, Peaceville has been kind enough to post a warning sticker on this release. "Norwegian Loungecore Kings Beyond Dawn Return".

Now, I have absolutely no idea what "Loungecore" is supposed to mean, or how a monarchical despot of "loungecorians" would look and sound like. So this clever marketing sticker is obviously wasted on me. What I do understand however is the wonderful music that Beyond Dawn created on 'Frysh'. This must indeed be one of the kindest monarchs known in history, laid back and relaxing all day in the sun, waving and smiling at his subjects.

Beyond Dawn<(b> have come a long way from their Doomish sound of their first albums. Make no mistake there. This album has nothing to do anymore with Doom, metal or a combination of both those entities. Ultra relaxed, slightly psychedelic music with a lot of electronics', that is what's Beyond Dawn's game now. The album in this clearly ventures forward from 'Electric Sulking Machine'. What I especially love is the 70ties/80ties, Commodore 64 feeling to the music. The relaxed "lounge" atmosphere is completed by totally outdated electronics' that make you feel like you're trapped in an old C64 game. Perhaps it's because it triggers happy childhood memories of me as a small geek wasting my days away behind game computer, but I've fallen totally in love with this album because of the retro atmosphere it breathes.

The best track for sure is 'Among the Sedatives' in which the C64 game electronics' almost seem to make up the entire song. It's such a happy tune that even the most depressed Doomster can't help but crack a smile. Most of the songs are not as upbeat as 'Among the Sedatives', but still the entire album is just filled with feel-good tunes. Actually a band like R°yksopp comes to mind when listening to this album. Which should give you a good indication on how far Beyond Dawn have removed themselves of the Metal scene.

Basically Beyond Dawn with 'Frysh' have gone down the path of happy-go-lucky synth-pop with a very laid back character to it. I doubt many metal fans will enjoy this album. In fact if you like your music loud and aggressive and feel the constant urge to punch those stupid club-hopping house fans, you might want to stay as far away from this album as you possibly can, give or take the occasional ritual CD burning. But if you're open minded to more then just metal and are looking for a laid back album of exceptionally high quality then 'Frysh' might very well be worth checking out. It's quickly become one of my own personal favourites.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Far From Showbiz
2. Increasing the Gravity
3. Among the Sedatives
4. Righteous Underground
5. The Right People
6. Right Money
7. Maybe Deeper
9. Severed Survival
10. Bloody Comeback
11. At Ritas
12. Strange Relief
13. Decreasing the Gravity (Trulz & Robin Mix)

Duration : Approx. 68 minutes

Visit the Beyond Dawn bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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