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Aural Holograms : Aural Holograms Vol. I

Three tracks of Funeral Ambient by an assorted collaboration of Finnish artists.

There is a little mentioned world which seems to reside in the periphery of Dark Ambient, where it borders on Drone and Funeral Doom. One of its residents is a collaboration called ''Aural Holograms Vol. 1'. (Well, it is a collaboration in the sense that the group only has two permanent members who consequently call upon other participants during the making of a piece.) It neighbours the efforts of bands such as Fall of the Grey-Winged One, Voice Transmissions With The Deceased, Absolute Misery, Thoreous, and, just across the funeral doom border, Until Death Overtakes Me; each and every one of them a project which has seeked longingly for emptiness, but remembered to attach at least one root to the depression of doom.

Some of these bands and projects have had success and perhaps even fame, but what unites them is their "garage" nature. Their masterminds had no musical careers before embarking on them. They were in that sense amateurs with a vision. (Though that hardly prevented many of them from producing hailed masterpieces.) 'Aural Holograms Vol. 1' sets itself apart on that regard. All the contributers were experienced musicians at the point of making this - Jussi Saivo has played in the prog. metal band Funcunt/F, amongst others; Janne Yuomi is a jazz drummer with a well developed solo project and recordings with Circle, a long-standing krautrock band; Juha-Pekka Hietaniemi's most prominent participations is also with Circle; Antti Ittna Haapapuro should already be known to doom fans as a member of Dolorian, and runs the label Aural Hypnox through which most of his dark ambient and industrial bands release their output - and, accordingly, you would expect a high standard. They do not disappoint.

The tracks range from the droning 'Before the Great Stone', which should satisfy anyone into Fall of the Grey-Winged One, to the quiet 'The Day of Opening the Tomb', which is more in line with Halo Manash's more etheric pieces. In between you'll find 'Beyond the Black Deep' where the drones hum vaguely, yet sinisterly, alongside shamanic drums and a vast ambience. I feel it embodies what the creators state was the intention of this release, a ritual that will allow insights into the Great Hologram, i.e. the presence of bodies, spirits and elementals seen and unseen. I'm not saying that this feeling of the otherworldly is absent in the other two tracks, it just isn't as overwhelmingly intense in those two as in 'Beyond the Black Deep'.

Due to the position of this collaboration on the genre-map and its general aura, I am sure this would appeal almost equally to fans of Fall of the Grey-Winged One and the similars, and to fans of the darkly meditative ambient bands Halo Manash and Aeogha. It is also highly recommended as background music to any truly disturbing Lovecraft reading session, although I expect the group would find that to be a misuse of their sonic mantras.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
A.Haapapuro and J.Saivo:
from 00:00 to 08:08. Before the Great Stone
J.Tuomi, J.Saivo and A.Haapapuro:
from 08:08 to 31:56. The Day of Opening the Tomb
J.Tuomi, A.Haapapuro, J.Hietaniemi and J.Saivo:
from 31:56 to 73:56. Beyond the Black Deep

Duration : Approx. 74 minutes

Visit the Aural Holograms bandpage.

Reviewed on 2015-03-17 by Arnstein H. Pettersen
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