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Mekigah : Litost

Nothing like previous Gothic works,Mekigah's latest outing is sonic terror of the bleakest, most industrial-sounding kind.

Australian project Mekigah's third offering would most likely make the band's even most avid fans lose interest in the band's music for the most part; most will leave the room, forced to seek elsewhere for their dose of strange, orchestral gothica that was so lavishly envisioned on Mekigah's first and second studio albums, because 'Litost' will place those fans on a very different path, a path not many are going to be too enthusiastically willing to tread.

'Litost' sounds almost nothing like Mekigah's previous recordings. It is harsher by miles and very minimalistic compared to the lush and rich textures of the band's debut and sophomore. It is also showing hardly any signs of Metal music, but rather insanely cold, stripped-down orchestral and drum 'n' bass patterns - all performed against a constant wall of noise and distortion of the obliterating and most gritty kind.

'Litost' is the sound of weeping machines; a Domus Mundi of dejection and depravity, breathing life into the lifeless, power-drilling and reshaping a plane of existence that does not support human existence; a world of acid, acrid fumes, deadly wheels, gore-covered chains and squealing cogwheels; an aftermath after a great holocaust; the embodiment of a freezingly-cold, mechanized, dystopian, futuristic non-existence. They say that after a global nuclear war only cockroaches and other vermin will survive - well, those too, but also machines; machines that will develop eventually some consciousness, self-awareness and auto-sustainability. 'Litost' could very well be the ultimate soundtrack to such a world, a world where only vermin and machines roam the land, machines and vermin.

Mekigah's current sole band member has created a sonic nightmarish world that isn't easy to digest both due to its harsh nature and maximum hostility, harnessing technology and noise ethics as the album's driving force, while not neglecting the smaller yet meaningful micro elements that add, in measured quantities, a more melodious substance to the cold, all-encompassing, mechanical tidal waves on display.

Restricting himself to a very modest and select array of sound aesthetics, Vis Ortis, the guy behind the name Mekigah, is offering a steady-state mind numbing sonic terror of the bleakest, most industrial-sounding kind, an album that belongs to a bloodline of other dark anomalies that have dubious ties with metal music per se, but have everything to do with the portrayal of fear, loathing, disgrace and decadence of the higher order: early Godflesh, Skin Chamber and Gnaw Their Tongues. You could also add references such as Zaraza and P.H.O.B.O.S. if you really insist on doing so, only remember 'Litost' is virtually completely removed from the traditional Heavy Metal sound to the point it exhibits none, most of the time - a wise choice considering the fact 'the metal sound' could be a limiting factor to the limitless, fluid, bizarre and bleak extravaganza captured on this impressive, nocturnal, industrial recording.

It's interesting how 'Litost' mixes brooding, cold and dark soundscapes with dark ambient, orchestral/martial and neoclassical music to form a unified coalition of sounds that are being synergized into a colossal and epic masterwork that sounds like the ultimate dark cabaret, if there ever was one.

Almost lyrics-less, 'Litost' is mainly an instrumental piece that glues many styles together, but ironically this eclectic approach does not derail the compositions from the main sound and atmosphere - the sonic embodiment of hopelessness. It's an aural austerity that slightly varies yet sounds whole, continuous instead of disjointed, the same elements prevail on every track and manoeuvre the listener into the same destination. A common denominator of filth and rotten flesh governs the album, not by way of a unified sound exclusively, but by way of 'feel' - the same acute despair and desolations dominates each and every fucking track, never mind the specific stylistic path each track decided to explore.

'Litost' is a one of its kind album, removed both from Mekigah's previous works and from everything that's habitual and familiar offered by the majority of the underground-dwelling musicians. Those who liked the band's debut and sophomore albums or those who are mainly into Metal music, will find 'Litost' hard to digest; those who love their music Dark, with a capital D -- for those 'Litost' is going to offer a different kind of experience of supreme negativity and many reasons to slit their wrists, for the world envisioned by this very album is not a world worth living in, so why bother?! And remember, ladies and gentlemen: cut down the river, not across the road, for maximum results.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Total Cessation Of One
2. The Sole Dwelling
3. Arangutia
4. By Force Of Breath
5. Sa Fii Al Dracului
6. Wurrmbu
7. Circuitous Revenge
8. Mokuy
9. An Overbearing Insanity
10. Bir'Yun

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Mekigah bandpage.

Reviewed on 2015-01-03 by Chaim Drishner
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