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Extreme Death Doom Metal that shares obvious similarities with Evoken. You could say that it's done with the best parts of Indesinence and Rune...
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Barebones : Barebones/Boris Split

This split CD/10 inch album begins with five tracks from the Japanese hardcore/punk act Barebones. The music is not particularly relevant from a doom perspective, nonetheless, on this release, they deliver five tracks of fine Stooges influenced garage punk. Not something I would listen to every day, but the music acts as more than just a curiosity or filler on the disc. Listen to it when you want to jump around the room mindlessly…

Boris on the other hand, are a band that many doom listeners have heard of, yet have never actually heard. Most of their releases have only ever been released domestically in Japan, their home country. The only release easily available outside Japan is their drone epic 'Absolutego', re-released by Southern Lord. The same label also plans to release more Boris albums in the near future, surely a bonus to doom fans the world over.

The first Boris track on this release, 'Soul Search You Sleep' is an eight minute piece of sludge doom, up there with the best material released by acts such as Grief, Melvins, or Burning Witch. The music is dirty, heavy, screeching, feedback-laden insanity, and if it ever reaches a wider audience, this song could well become a doom classic. Think Grief, with a dash of Khanate, 'Bullhead'/'Lysol' era Melvins, and you'll be close to the sound of Boris here.

The next track is a true Melvins style sludge rock fest. Given that Boris take their name from a Melvins song, it is not surprising to see this influence throughout their work. The final two tracks are live, and show the band's power in this setting. They are loud, heavy, and capture the energy of the performance perfectly. Once again you will find feedback ridden sludge, although this time there is more groove in the songs, giving them a slightly "stoner" feel.

The four Boris songs on this release, whilst all having a similar sound, are a perfect introduction to the band, and with the inclusion of the Barebones tracks, make for a worthwhile release. Boris is not a predictable band, and these tracks show a number of different sides to an intriguing outfit, one that any discerning doomster should certainly investigate.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Just Broken
2. Puppets
3. Shoot up and Die
4. Freak Out
5. Still Unkown (live)

1. Soul Search You Sleep
2. In Hush
3. Scarbox (Live)
4. Mosquito (Live)

Duration : Approx. 31 minutes

Visit the Barebones bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Mark Bodossian
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