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Dragonauta : Omega Pentagram

As a non-denominational Metal band, Dragonauta is kind of cool.

First, let me just begin by saying how refreshing it is to find an underground Argentinean band that isnít affiliated with Blood And Honor. These days it seems as if the only time I hear about some extreme music act based in Argentina they are fascists in some way, shape or form. So, on that note, kudos to Dragonauta for keeping their politics out of their music (I think). Although, who really knows? Isn't sacro-magical bigotry kind of like a splinter interest of occultist rockers and their devotees alike?

This Buenos Aires band have a cool sound to them. As far as the formula on 'Omega Pentagram' is concerned, Dragonauta are a Metal band with a penchant for occult imagery. I wouldnít necessarily say that this is a Doom Metal band, nor a Stoner Metal band for that matter. Stylistically, there just isnít clear evidence of a stern adherence to the technique that would bind them to that label/genre. I find that ironic, considering that they blatantly named their band after a SLEEP song... a widely recognizable one at that. You can only get away with something like that unless it's under the context of a cover band.

Beneath it all, it is clear that these guys are parishioners of Cathedral. That is mostly what they sound like during those few isolated moments interspersed within this near-hour opus where these guys somewhat do the Doom thing. There are other, more unfortunate passages in which they evoke The Sword - mainly in the first two cuts. Thankfully (considering the latter of these mentioned influences) these are few and far between.

As a non-denominational Metal band, however, Dragonauta is kind of cool. There are a lot of different sounds that they mash together in a somewhat relevant way. Everything from Celtic Frost to King Diamond, Iron Maiden to Autopsy seemingly lurks underneath the psyches of these gentlemen as they work their magic, and much to their credit, the spillage works. Their is a bit of a freshness to their sound on this record and so it doesn't get boring to listen to, even with the crisp production.

Though the actual content of the lyrics are unknown to me, if the song titles are any indication of the themes within, then Dragonauta better hope that future records get better. Eventually, song titles like "Jupiterian Sword of Annihilation" and "Frozen Neptunian Demons" will make someone say enough is enough. Alas, this is the cheese factor of this otherwise decent release.

On the whole, 'Omega Pentagram' has its strengths despite a couple of chinks in its armor. The wide array of apparent influences should make for a nearly inexhaustible well to draw from. In spite of its subject of matter, the record can still stand on its own two feet with nothing to cry about. Consider this a notch above medium!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Frozen Neptunian Demons
2. I. The Talking Snake II. The Witch Hammer
3. Nautilus 666
4. Seven Rings Of Saturn
5. I Am the Frost Throne
6. Jupiterian Sword of Annihilation
7. Iron Planet
8. Black Horn Messiah

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Dragonauta bandpage.

Reviewed on 2013-10-19 by Frank Lopez
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