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Pombagira : Maleficia Lamiah

On that new album, Pombagira seem to show us the way into their own hell this time whereas before, we were just aggressively plunged in at the deep end.

What is it that lurks in the English sewer system and gives birth to bands like Moss, Iron Monkey, Blut and Pombagira? As Ramsey Campbell stated in some of his earlier short stories, the English soil seems indeed to be the best breeding ground there is for bands who want to play some of the filthiest and occult Doom on the face of planet Earth. Pombagira already had us stoned when their The Crooked Path album was released back in 2008 , and they havenít been lazy since then, releasing no less 3 more full lengths and a split album with Eagle Twin. As 2013 arrives, the stars are right for a new offering.

Prepare yourself before venturing into this new album, for Pombagira have refined their own style of Sludge Doom to the extreme. This is the kind of album that will be better appreciated when listened to via headphones with some "sweet leaves" close at hand. Thereís not really a beginning or an end between the tracks since the album seems to have been conceived as a single track in two parts. Despite being as heavy and punishing as one could possibly desire, the album is also full of progressive elements that sometimes make it very borderline when it comes to the Doom component. In some ways, it sounds as though the Syd Barrett-incarnation of Pink Floyd had decided to record a Doom album after reading some Lovecraft stories while being dead stoned.

Curiously, this album is easier to get immersed in compared to the bandís previous releases. In fact, the musicians seem to show us the way into their own hell this time whereas before, we were just aggressively plunged in at the deep end. There is a will to bring emotions to the surface and to merge them with what the listener is experiencing. And this is incredibly well done, to the point that you donít feel a single tinge of boredom at any time. When the record ends, youíll feel like youíve been on a massive trip while, in fact, all that has happened is that youíve lost around 49 minutes of your time. But I wonít mind losing those 49 minutes again and again and again, for this trip is highly addictive. Pombagira may have lost a bit of their crushing darkness with Maleficia Lamiah, but they have found a better way to forge their musical landscapes. Never has occult music been so appealing and appeasing. Randolph Carter would have approved.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Old World Vanished
2. Grave Cardinal

Duration : Approx. 50 minutes

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Reviewed on 2013-02-11 by Laurent Lignon
Aesthetic Death
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