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Lex Rhino : Filthy Porn & Psycho for the Decadent

The evidence against Lex Rhino’s charm is small, but significant.

“Charming” is probably not one of the top ten words used to describe metal bands of any stripe, but I find it appropriate for Lex Rhino.

Exhibit A, the title of their latest EP is the wonderful broken English Filthy Porn & Psycho for the Decadent. Exhibit B, the poster they sent with it showing a sexy gal in a 70’s acid style. Taken together, they capture the same magic of the White Zombie aesthetic circa 1992. Who can possibly resist this charm?

Exhibit C, the music. Mostly, it’s laid-back, fuzzy retro doom with mostly simple riffs. The best of these riffs is to be found on “Sisters of Doom,” where the verses have a heavy bottom-end and a catchy counter-point. They add in a couple guitar solos to each song, and occasional electric organ. It gets added charm from the sometimes clunky but endearing way they throw in oddball ideas where they don’t seem to belong (e.g., the menacing tremolo-picked riff in “Materialized,” the lighter break in “Bride of Lu’”).

Exhibit D—and this is going to be the make-or-break factor—the ham-fisted vocals. Other than the rasping whisper at the beginning of “Bride of Lu’,” they’re clean baritone, which is fairly typical for stoner doom. The problem is, a German accent this thick sounds great when you’re trying to be intimidating, but almost comical in this context. He also lacks subtlety, coming on far too strong at times. But when he croons “o-of doo-oo-oooom” in “Sisters of Doom,” it’s magical.

The evidence against Lex Rhino’s charm is small, but significant. Opening track “Venus Vampyre Witches” is simply terrible. The guitars are completely forgettable, and the drums are dull with too much cymbal. Even if it were well-written (it’s not), the take they used has a slight but perceptible tempo shift that sounds unintentional.

Overall, I’d say the charm makes Filthy Porn & Psycho for the Decadent worthwhile.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Venus Vampyre Witches
2. Sisters of Doom
3. Bride of Lu'
4. Materialized

Duration : Approx. 21 minutes

Visit the Lex Rhino bandpage.

Reviewed on 2013-02-04 by Kelly Hoffart
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