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Shades of Deep Water : Constant Pressure

Shades Of Deep Water now sound like some sort of heir to Tyranny on this new release.

Historically, Finland is the cradle of Funeral Doom.
From the start, with Thergothon and Skepticism as essential pioneers, to Shape Of Despair - whose melodic approach proved to be very influential - and not forgetting to mention Tyranny as one of the most impressive recent representatives, Santa Claus' country – which happens to be suicide country as well, in a more pessimistic point of view - has always remained on the top as far as the most monolithic subgenre of Doom is concerned.

Led by a single mastermind named Juho Huuskola, Shades Of Deep Water originates from Finland and has quite logically crafted its style in the shadow of the afore-mentioned pillars.

No biography, no interview, no picture and no website: this is a super-underground project that intends to stay as such. Shades Of Deep Water is aptly named: as shifting as those movements we think we can catch under the surface of troubled waters, as discreet as the cover art's quite enigmatic sobriety.

'Constant Pressure' is the first EP of this one-man band, released after six years of existence and a series of four demos. J.H.'s project moves on at its own pace and consolidates its bases step by step, without going too far too fast - what could be expected form a doomster, so to speak. Shades Of Deep Water reaffirms its confidence in Bubonic Productions, a very underground, yet firmly established, label, and still keeps its music style evolving. If the one-man band started with a Thergothon/Shape Of Despair-influenced approach, very minimalistic and raw, it now sounds like some sort of heir to Tyranny on this new release, with a thicker and heavier Funeral Doom style. It's clear enough: SODW can't lie about its origins!

If we stick to the comparison with Tyranny, we can say that 'Constant Pressure' abandoned the keyboard and that it is far more influenced by the murky and decomposed climax of 'Bleak Vistae' than by the devastating cataclysm that is 'Tides of Awakening'. The listener wades into a cesspool made of peaty swirls of riffing and muddy growls displayed on a stricken tempo.

Unfortunately, the overall effect of this release is significantly disadvantaged by its very short length: just two short tracks for a small 7'' format that leaves you wanting more. You just begin to feel the grasp, when it suddenly fades away - which has started to become quite a habit with SODW.

Promises and potential are important things, but there is a time in a band's life where achievement has to come with a solid full-length, especially after so many years of existence. So that we perhaps can start to feel a constant pressure…

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Constant Pressure
2. Solitude City

Duration : Approx. 10 minutes

Visit the Shades of Deep Water bandpage.

Reviewed on 2013-02-04 by Manu Buck
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