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Ashes You Leave : Desperate Existence

After 'The Passage Back To Life', which turned out to be a total disappointment for me, I picked up 'Desperate Existence' with a great dose of skepticism. Although more than few critics found this album to be refreshing and original, I do not share their enthusiasm.

Sometimes you get an album that already bores you after the first couple of spins, and this is, I'm afraid, one of those albums. Okay, the band did something slightly more original here, opting not to make a complete copy of a My Dying Bride album this time. However, they seem to have lost themselves somewhere around the point of trying to make the songs interesting.

I for one, was irritated by the female vocals, which are, simply put, annoying. 'Momentary Eclipse of Hope' is a perfect example, where the insane singing is even accompanied by some weird effects.

As it was the case on the debut, the production on this album is most certainly not topnotch. The guitars are pushed way too far back in the mix for this kind of music. The album, of course, opens and closes with an instrumental intro. The songs, ranging from three to well over nine minutes, consist of the exact type of music you've surely heard before; the harsh and clean female vocals, violins, etc. I truly wish to hear something more original from this band. In the meanwhile, 'Desperate Existence'? No, thanks!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. A Wish
2. Never Again Alone In The Dark
3. Desperate Existence
4. Et Vidi Solem Evanere
5. Momentary Eclipse Of Hope
6. Searching For Artificial Happiness
7. Shadow Of Somebody's Else Being
8. Outro

Duration : Approx. 56 minutes

Visit the Ashes You Leave bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Bojan Janjanin
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