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Lord of the Grave : Green Vapour

Lord Of The Grave? Well... It is heavy. It is somewhat groovy. The bass is phat. They like Vitus and Sabs. That's about it.

A mate of mine and I once speculated on the idea of really earning yer dinner by personally killing the animal you meant to eat - without weapons. For example, stoically and patiently punching a sheep in the face until its eventual death hours later. I was reminded of that by this song Lord Of The Grave have got called 'Horsepuncher'; but unfortunately, positive memories and recollections of other things are all I have gleaned from my encounters with their latest record Green Vapour (Green Vapour eh - wonder what these guys do in their free time?). So for all their dedication to the stoned and sludgy Southern fried sound, these Swiss purveyors of Doom fail to stand to the height of even their influences' better known imitators.

There is nothing wrong with the album's sound. The bass sounds awesome - it really tramples along, heaving with it this great, throaty feel. The percussion is as expected - lots of hissing cymbals and a rackety snare drum punctuate rockin' Stoner beats. Nothing new but aptly done. The vocals are the typical weed-constricted wailing familiar to fans of Stoner Doom; nothing particularly sets them above and beyond. And some of the riffs are even pretty decent when they first come along - ten or so minutes into 'Raping Zombies' for example, contains a riff that maybe should have opened the album. As things are it opens with... nothing memorable.

Which is the issue throughout. There are no surprises here. Not a bad thing, necessarily, but there is also nothing memorable. I thought things might get a bit fruitier when the band is dealing with somewhat shorter songs - and aye, I didn't get as sexually frustrated with the 6 to 7-minute opuses as with 'Raping Zombies' and its 15-minute runtime. Nothing much special about the others, but they are at least less rambling. However, none of the riffs beckon me back. Even this review took a while to produce given how mild this actually is, and as you can see, there isn't much to say. I mean, it is heavy, it is somewhat groovy, the bass is fat, they like Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath, and that's about it.

And this isn't just due to an overdose of stoned/ Sludge Metal... after about two months almost deprived of Doom in favour of other genres, I still just can't ever imagine choosing this over something like the brilliant Elder or Kongh, or recent output by Bear Brawler or the epic Ufomammut. It has none of the colour, and little of the weight (real weight, not production weight), of such records. Pass.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Raping Zombies
2. Green Vapour
3. Horsepuncher
4. Mountain Rites
5. 00/15

Duration : Approx. 44 minutes

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Reviewed on 2013-01-05 by doom-metal.com
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