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Ocean : Monument/Fork Lashing Eye

This is the genesis of Ocean, where the doom/sludge consumes the music and no doom/stoner had yet to enter it.

This demo CDr seems to be properly named as 'Monument/Fork Lashing Eye' - at least that seems to be the name the band uses - but you might also encounter it named as a s/t release. In fact, our own bandlist has taken part in the confusion by assuming that the two names suggested two different demos and listed it under both. The truth of the matter is that the cover does not indicate any name at all, which is the origin of the confusion. The same lack of clarity is probably the reason why people can't seem to agree on wether it was self-released or if 43rd Parallel (misspelled on the cover) is the proper label.

Ocean is an epitome of that which is slow and heavy, and clearly they have been so from the beginning. 'Monument/Fork Lashing Eye' contains two long earthquakes of doom/sludge tracks, each one every bit as much of a sledgehammer as their later works. In fact, the only thing that seperates this demo from the following album, 'Here Where Nothing Grows', is the lack of doom/stoner elements.

Clearly, those who enjoyed 'Here Where Nothing Grows' should like this demo too. Corrupted and YOB fans may also want to give it a chance. The demo CDr in itself should be hard to find, but it is likely quite possible to track down one of the 500 copies of the 12" re-release from 2006, this one by 43rd parallel too.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Monument
2. Fork Lashing Eye

Duration : Approx. 26 minutes

Visit the Ocean bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-12-20 by Arnstein H. Pettersen
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