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"Siberian sonic filth" is how Fire to Fields describe their sound. Well, at least they got the Siberian part right...

Where does genius end and where does farce begin? It’s not a silly question and most likely the answer is never that easy, since sometimes people will find one record to be outstanding and so original where others see it as grotesque and full of s**t. So here come Fire to Fields, which fall either in one category or the other. At least when reviewers have mediocre records to write about, it’s easy to do so - but when you have this kind of “unknown musical object” things may start to get ugly.

"Siberian sonic filth" is how they describe their sound. Well, at least they got the Siberian part right, since that’s where they come from. Sonic, sure, works too: I guess it’s still music. Filth… they probably nailed that one better than the others but I’m not sure if it sounds as rewarding in my mouth than in theirs. Fire to Fields play Sludge. No doubt about this, but their very own brand of Sludge. Where most US bands drown their sorrow in cheap whiskey and heroin, Russia’s national treasure, vodka - and probably some kind of weird local 'shrooms - seem to produce some strange unexpected effects in one’s music. Who dies in Siberian slush, you may ask… I guess songwriting died in Novosibirsk…

Experimenting with all the pedals they could get their feet on, inhaling helium before singing and inserting random noises here and there, because, hey, they can do it, is the very definition of Fire to Fields. The sometimes good ideas - which, indeed, are basic Sludge riffs - are ruined in all sorts of manners in order to produce the ugliest possible music. You may retort that actually Sludge is supposed to be ugly which would mean these guys do it just right, but - no. Even at their ugliest Toadliquor or Eyehategod still maintain interest in their music: they may be drifting, and sound awful at times, but they’re still from the same Earth as you and me. Fire to Fields come from some part of the cosmos where even Nyarlathotep wouldn’t dare tread. It sounds like a 6 year old brat going nuts in some noisy toy factory…

To some extent they managed to get their cover of Eyehategod’s Depress about right (though they couldn’t get it printed ok on the back cover art of the CD, since you need to switch the last two tracks) - actually sounding almost like the original, except for the frying-pan drum “pang”. But because, hell, they needed to ruin it, they added almost 3 minutes extra to the original song, and ended up totally de-structuring it; bringing nothing interesting but added chaos.

Am I getting too old for this? Personally, I don’t think so, but I could be wrong… the same way I think this music is wrong. Check their Bandcamp, or wherever they’ve posted music, and find out for yourself.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. From Illness into Sickness
2. Manufacturing Corpse
3. Fat
4. Superstore Fodder
5. Depress
6. Fire to Fields

Duration : Approx. 56 minutes

Visit the Fire to Fields bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-12-15 by Frédéric Cerfvol
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