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Hipoxia : Hipoxia

While taking their time to develop their songs, Hipoxia infuse some groove-laden Sludge helped by memorable riffs.

After releasing their first demo in the form of a rehearsal soberly entitled Doomrehearsal in 2010, the Spaniards of Hipoxia are back on stage with their own debut album, signed to Fťretro Records. Sobriety prevails once again, since this is an eponymous album featuring 4 long tracks of Drone-ish Sludge with vocals verging on Black Metal at times. Anything Drone-ish must be long and Hipoxia do it just the way youíd expect, with songs longer than 10 minutes. I hear some people mumbling in the back that anything Drone-ish is boring too. Well, wrong, lads. While certainly taking their time to develop their songs, Hipoxia infuse some groove-laden Sludge helped by memorable riffs.

For the sake of comparison, you would do well to think of them as Blut with more vitality, or as their fellow countrymen Tort with a lot less vitality. And if you like your comparisons with more popular bands, I guess Fleshpress would come first to mind, followed next by Black Shape Of Nexus. Hipoxia manage to create songs that are both filthy and raw and yet with an essential groove that makes them more bearable. Despite heavily distorted guitars and screams as of abominations, the band manage yet another memorable feat: the production is flawless for this type of music. Each and every instrument makes the final cut and reflects skilled drums, crunchy guitars and a very audible bass adding essential layers of doomy heaviness to the whole (can you say HALLELUJAH!?).

Those are the good points so far for Hipoxiaís debut. Issues? Well, to a certain extent Iíd say no, since it is a nicely-crafted package that will most likely please fans of the genre. To another extent, I believe that Hipoxia fall prey too easily to those previously-made comparisons. Itís well done but itís nothing groundbreaking either, and the obvious Fleshpress/BSoN resemblance would make one say that the Spaniards have yet to develop their own personality and become something other than a moderately interesting band. Because, unless youíre a die-hard fan of such music, you will find this has been done before and better. To end this review on a more positive note, I feel there is definitely some untapped potential here. Iím not sure if it means these guys should go either rawer or groovier, or something else altogether, but itís entirely up to them - when they release their sophomore effort - whether they stay where they are now or move on to the upper league.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Children of Winter
2. Living Dead Society
3. Black Blaze of Terror
4. Disembodied Metamorphosis

Duration : Approx. 51 minutes

Visit the Hipoxia bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-12-06 by Frederic Cerfvol
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