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Blue Aside : The Moles of a Dying Race

Blue Aside often sound like an old-school prog Rock band, and they structure their songs accordingly.

There are a few things you can discern from the title The Moles of a Dying Race, checking out the album art, and track listing. You can probably figure out that itís a concept album from a progressive rock band who donít take themselves too seriously, but have a healthy respect for the 70ís. Beyond those facts, itís tough to pin down Blue Aside, in more ways than one.

They do often sound like an old-school prog-rock band, and they structure their songs accordingly. In other words, not very economically, and with way too much meandering. The vocals, typically delivered in a breathy, high register, have an ill-fitting cadence that implies they were an afterthought to the music. But if you manage to stick it out and listen to the whole thing, youíll be in for plenty of unexpected treats.

Take album standout ďThe Ice Mammoth.Ē The main riff is upbeat Sabbath-style a la ďSupernaut,Ē but the chorus is Southern. Itís also the only song on the record with some throat to the vocals. Elsewhere, youíll find blues, some Mastodon, a tiny dash of Voivod, a handful of heavy riffs, and Baronessís Blue Record in a few of the leads (ďThe Moles of a Dying Race - Part 2Ē). Some of itís catchy, some of itís just them playing around with their instruments for no reason at all. Excuse the clichť of a food metaphor here, but thereís good reason so many reviewers fall back on it. Imagine yourself blindfolded, and someone is feeding you bites of different foods, oatmeal, cocktail shrimp, wheat bread, chocolate ice cream. You donít know whatís coming, and you might like it, but even so it can be disturbing to have a flavor in your mouth without any warning. Or, it can be pure pleasure.

The album ends on one of the best instrumentals Iíve heard in a long time, leaving me wondering whether or not I enjoyed it. After half a dozen tries, I still couldnít tell you how I feel about it. I like the shrimp, I like the ice cream, Iím not sure I want them together, and the oatmeal is just filler.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Moles of a Dying Race Part 1
2. The Electrode Man
3. Will We Remain Tomorrow
4. The Moles of a Dying Race Part 2
5. The Ice Mammoth
6. We Move to Sleep
7. The Moles of a Dying Race Part 3
8. Interstellar Overdriven

Duration : Approx. 63 minutes

Visit the Blue Aside bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-12-06 by Kelly Hoffart
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