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Melodic doom/death in the vein of the Peaceville Three. A lot of keyboard use and some uptempo sections....
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Touch The Spider! : Generation Zombie

How all the seemingly disparate elements of the music manage to stick well together is the most interesting thing about Touch The Spider!'s music.

When it comes to its Goth scene, Germany has always been remarkable for its collection of completely weird bands. Some of them are just so... 'different'... that it actually becomes difficult to give them a clear label. But why talk about the German Goth scene when you're on doom-metal.com? Because Touch The Spider! stands just on the border between the Doom and Goth scenes. And this one-man band just never misses an opportunity to cross it every time he can.

For all I know, Touch The Spider! is a band that is influenced by the old Proto-Doom/Hard Rock style, something that can be heard in most riffs and on the most classic songs like 'Twisted Heart' and 'The Haunted House'. But for the most part, 'Generation Zombie' is an album that uses parts from the Cold Wave (mostly the bass parts, as highlighted in the Joy Division-influenced 'The Return Of The Revenant'), 80's Horror Punk ('The Return Of The Revenant' again, but also 'Zombie Generation' or 'Silence'), classic New Wave ('Men Vs. Machine') or Blues-infected Pub Rock (the very Bad Seeds-esque 'Forsake Me Not' and 'Twenty One'). There are still some Doom Metal elements, mostly when it comes to the creepy atmosphere on display ('Forsake Me Not') or some riffs that could have found their place on some of the earliest Pentagram releases ('Twisted Heart' and 'St. Valentine's Day Massacre', for example). But however you want to look at it, 'Generation Zombie' is nothing but 45 minutes of dark and brooding music which wouldn't be out of place in a good, sick horror movie.

This is perhaps the most interesting thing about Touch The Spider!'s music: how all the seemingly disparate elements of the music manage to stick well together and produce some fine songs (all of them being very short and with enough melodies and venomous choruses to make sure you won't forget them quickly). However, the guy should stop using a distorted voice every time he can : it goes well with the more Goth tracks, but it tends to become boring after a while since it's used on nearly every song. But for a 4th album, entirely composed, recorded and released by a single musician, this 'Generation Zombie' manages to be interesting from beginning to end.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Twisted Heart
2. Men Vs. Machine
3. Hit And Run
4. Forsake Me Not
5. Golden Years
6. Twenty One
7. The Haunted House
8. Zombie Generation
9. The Return Of The Revenant
10. Hail Satan
11. Silence
12. St. Valentine's Day Massacre
13. We Belong Forever
14. Honeymoon

Duration : Approx. 45minutes

Visit the Touch The Spider! bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-12-05 by Laurent Lignon
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