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Funeralium : Deceived Idealism

Every riff screams 'Morbid!! on that new double album of Funeralium.

Some years ago, there was a trend in the Doom scene about playing the sickest, most horrifying music, almost painful to the ears, often drenched in horror vibes directly inspired by movies such as "Hostel" and the likes. This was quickly dubbed 'Torture Doom', and the band that best summarized this 'musical wave' was Torture Wheel. That is, until Funeralium decided to release their first demo. In itself, the title 'Ultra Sick Doom' was the perfect definition of the music on that demo: a style that took the sickest, dirtiest, most inhuman sides of both Doom/Death and Black Metal and drew them further into new, unexplored depths. In some ways, it was just a continuation of what Wormphlegm had done, but with a personal twist.

Five years have passed since the band finally released their first album, so this second offering has been eagerly awaited by the fans. The first thing that'll strike you is that it's a double album: Funeralium have decided to compose even longer songs; of course this also means a longer dose of torture. But, most importantly, the flaws of the first album have been corrected. The problem of the self-titled debut was that it came 3 years after 'Ultra Sick Doom' and applied the exact same formula developed on the demo without bringing anything new: it was just "good" when "better" had been expected. Such is not the case here, and from the morbid opening riff of "Blood, Phlegm and Vomit", you'll know that you're entering a world of pain.

Stylistically, this is still the same mix between Winter-like Doom/Death and depressive Black Metal, minus the 'Booh hoo, I'm a sad depressed corpsepainted orc alone in the woods!' parts. Every riff screams 'Morbid!!', and they all sound so much filthier than anything David Vincent has ever composed with that motto in mind! The guitars sound like rusty razors slowly slicing your wrists, then each nerve of your body is pinched out before you're thrown into a acid vat while still alive. The drums pound like a hammer planting rusty nails through your palms, and every bass line is the rap of a grater on your skin. There's no real singing here, just screams of anguish and hatred spat right into your face. Those who think that Marquis showed his best vocal performances with Bethlehem and Ataraxie could almost be shocked, for the French singer just delivers all he's capable of, and that means a lot!

Claiming that 'Deceived Idealism' was simply some sort of Funeral Doom with Black Metal vocals would be extremely reductive. More than just a double album of some of the darkest music, it's above all a – bad – trip inside the psyche of a ravenous lunatic, but also the epitome of a negative outlook on life and the way of the world. There’s no hope for the human race here, just a cold look into the abyss into which we're falling, accompanied by the laughter of gods turned mad. This album tops its predecessor in every aspect and sets a new standard against which future bands claiming to be 'extreme' will have to pit themselves. As it stands, it is a classic that cannot be easily overlooked.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Blood, Phlegm and Vomit
2. 21st Century Ineptia
3. Deceived Idealism
4. Hang These Bastards
5. Don't Hope for Any Better Things Now
6. The Higher We Climb, The Harder We Fall

Duration : Approx. ?? minutes

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Reviewed on 2012-11-20 by Laurent Lignon
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