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Propoved : Onaj koji niko jeste

Propoved are so much rooted in the 80's that it seems they forgot several decades have since then gone by.

Whether you like it or not, the recent wave of young bands playing old-school Doom and Doom-influenced music (I could say Proto-Doom, but I don't like the term, despite it being quite useful to pigeonhole some bands) has one merit: it helps to dust off some old bands that were left in the margin of Doom history. For example, who had heard of Nigro Mantia before 2010? And who would have thought that a Mexican band would take their moniker from the title of one of the lesser-known Paul Chain's projects (Violet Magick, in case you ask)? The mainstream success of bands like Ghost, Portrait, The Devil's Blood or Jess And The Ancient Ones helps to draw some old forgotten names out of the shadows. Very incidentally, and without really asking for it, those bands also have unintentionally rekindled the old Internet sport of "True Doom vs False Doom"

The common point between Serbian outfit Propoved and the aforementioned bands is the will to play the kind of music that prevailed before 1987, with the assumed matching old-school spirit. This second demo from the band displays some early Heavy/Doom, quite raw and straight in your face, with a bunch of NWOBHM melodies thrown in the mix. An aspect that I like a lot is the use of the Serbian language, as well as the invocation of Balkan mythology as the main lyrical theme, something rarely heard in Doom Metal (it's generally more a hunting ground for Black Metal bands). The guitars are razor sharp, a bit in the vein of Witchfinder General when it comes to the solos, the rhythm section is your classic thick-as-a-brick-heavy-as-a-monolith mid-tempo assault, the vocals are a bit between Zeeb Parkes and Johan Längquist (and are more than once a bit too much out of tune: there's work to be done here), the sound is...well, demo-ish and a bit too muffled for my taste: in fact - and not because it is actually a tape release - this demo really sounds like a 1985 demo-tape. This is quite a good rendition of what was released around that time, but it fails to take into account the 25 years that have passed since 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus' first came out.

As much as I like old school Doom/Proto-Doom, this is where the problem lies with Propoved's music: they try so much to sound old-school that they simply throw every bit of musical personality out of the window. Now, I don't mind listening to average bands playing average music completely ripped off some better known bands (I'm a fan of Averon, which is nothing but a complete Candlemass clone without any originality) but even second rate bands manage to have something that sets them a bit apart from the crowd, and this is not the case with Propoved. They show some promise (this is, after all, just their second demo) and should work to offer something that is more than just the sum of their influences. More importantly, the band should concentrate on their music alone, and not on the image that they want their music style to convey. They should transcend the old-school feel in which they bask too much and start ploughing their own furrow. I've seen way too many Black Metal bands thinking that average black&white promo pictures, some corpse-paints, cheesy satanic lyrics and a "nekro" sound was all they need to make good music: it would be a damn shame if Doom Metal were condemned to the same fate.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Bastioni Moci
2. Zlidnji
3. Iza Maske Milosti
4. Svetlost Crkve Prokletih

Duration : Approx. 23 minutes

Visit the Propoved bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-11-08 by Laurent Lignon
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