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Ardulph Ardebahr Wald : Kohlrabenweißmetallicsilbermelierte, gescheckte schwarze Pferde

[edit by admin.: The translation of the album title: "Jet-white-metallic-silver-mottled, speckled, black horse."]

This obscure German two-man project dedicates its art to the intensification of melancholy. To attain its goal, Ardulph Ardebahr Wald compromises elements from many different dark substyles like black metal, dark metal, dark rock and neofolk. This alternation of different substyles, often within the same song, made of this demo a quite difficult one to get into and to review.

Variety and originality are two things I usually value in music, and this band has plenty of them. While the crunchy guitar sound with the alternatively whispering and screamy vocals give most of the compositions a black metal undertone, there are many more references to be found on this album: occasional Katatoniaesque clean vocals, subtle clean guitar tones, melodic leads and atmospheric keyboards.

However, it is exactly the band's effort to create original and varied compositions that makes this demo as a whole not entirely convincing. Making original music is one thing, but a band needs also essence and a musical vision. After 3-4 songs, I get the impression that Ardulph' have tried to incorporate too many idea's at once in their music. Most of the compositions lack a clear vision about the band's philosophy and musical direction. I must admit that the homogeneous, vague production of the tracks (dry guitar and drum tone, distant vocals) doesn't help in this, although on the other side it creates a very interesting, otherworldly atmosphere.

All in all this is a worthwhile effort to create original dark metal and I would encourage the band to further develop their sound, but I feel that they lack clarity of musical idea's at the moment.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Traumwandler
2. Gewächs
3. Funkenregen
4. Silbergift
5. Rappen
6. Kindt
7. Luftschloss
8. Immer Du Kommst Näher Im Grauen

1. Sleepwalker
2. Plant/Growth
3. Radiorain
4. Silverpoison
5. Black Horse
6. Kindt
7. Aircastle
8. You Always Come Close To The Grey

Duration : Approx. 55 minutes

Visit the Ardulph Ardebahr Wald bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
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