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Eye Of Solitude : Sui Caedere

There’s great musicianship in every corner of the Eye of Solitude's music but this jewel has been so polished it's almost started to lose its shine.

This review just wouldn’t come out. After many spins of Eye Of Solitude’s sophomore effort, Sui Caedere, I had all the material and comparisons to make it happen but it remained stuck for what seemed ages. Considering that time, even for doomsters, is something of importance, let’s get it out once and for all.

The background. After self-releasing their debut entitled The Ghost, Doom Death act Eye Of Solitude signed to Kaotoxin Records from France, home to bands usually more versed in Death Metal and Grindcore. One EP, Awoken by Crows, ensued from this collaboration early this year, soon to be followed by Sui Caedere.

You'd think that UK based bands playing Doom Death usually would have some kind of tenuous allegiance to the Peaceville Three triumvirate, the founding fathers of the genre. Well, in the case of Eye Of Solitude, this allegiance is so tenuous, it’s like a paler shade of some fading shadow at dawn. Despite their glorious heritage, the band could actually be more closely compared to acts like Saturnus and to a certain extent Forest Of Shadows. From the Danes, Eye Of Solitude borrow the powerful sound and production and the music is sometimes quite similar to Veronika Decides To Die. There’s great musicianship in every corner of the Brits’ music but, as in Saturnus, this jewel has been so polished it's almost started to lose its shine. Almost. From Forest Of Shadows, the band takes their songwriting skills as they like too to build songs one layer at a time to achieve perfect momentum and even some lighter brand of 'trip hop'.

Besides excellent musicianship and almost pop’ish Doom anthems, the most notable feature in Eye Of Solitude might very well be their singer. It's been quite a long time since a Doom 'growler' impressed me this much. I don't know Daniel Neagoe personally, but I’m not surprised at all that he is also the singer of Brutal Death Metal act Unfathomable Ruination. Even though Eye Of Solitude are not afraid to go upbeat at times, even displaying some double-pedal drumming, some songs verge more on 'slow' Death Metal than sophisticated Doom Death. The break, for instance, on ‘Depths Of A Sick Mind’ could very well be featured on something way more brutal. And it shows in Neagoes’ voice because at times he’s almost on the verge of going all piggy squealy as if he were covering Brodequin. Almost, but you'll feel it’s there. On many occasions.

It then makes for quite a surprising combination: 'Brootal' growls and elegant Doom Death, adding another layer of interest to this already very well crafted album. Still, nature hates emptiness, so if you’re going to add one thing here, it means another will have to be subtracted in the process. Believe it or not, these intriguing vocals take away some of the Doom. You’re not going to feel despair, you’re not going to feel melancholy, sadness and all the related emotions that most Doom Death band actually exploit sometimes to the point of being grotesque. And you know now why this wouldn’t come out because something felt not right but I just couldn’t express it.

Does this mean you shouldn’t check this band out? You’d probably be wrong. If you enjoy any of the aforementioned bands, Eye Of Solitude will appeal to your senses. I’m just more prone to say this would be the perfect Doom Death 101 album for anyone into Death Metal that would like to get acquainted with the Doom Death genre since the transition would be minimal.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Awoken by Crows
2. The Haunting
3. Strigoi
4. A Note to Say Farewell
5. Depths of a Sick Mind
6. Those Who Don’t Return
7. Performed in Graphic Pain
8. Totem of a Pagan Thought
9. Yet I Breathe
10. Departure

Duration : Cd: 73 minutes

Visit the Eye Of Solitude bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-10-23 by Frederic Cerfvol
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