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Embrace Of Silence : Leaving the Place Forgotten by God

Embrace Of Silence offer you the kind of album you've already heard a hundred times or so from the Russian-speaking countries. And it really starts to be a problem.

It'll start to become a running gag among Doom fans: how many Ukrainian and/or Russian bands will cover 'Without God' by Katatonia? The last time I checked, there were about a dozen and counting. These are clearly tributes to a seminal song and album, both of which have undoubtedly shaped a whole scene. Embrace Of Silence are familiar with this exercise, having practiced it on their previous release (the aptly titled cover-EP 'Inspirational Songs'). In my review of that EP, I noted that Embrace Of Silence were still dwelling in the shadows of both Katatonia and My Dying Bride, but that their Doom was promising nonetheless. Well, the same can be repeated in connection with 'Leaving the Place Forgotten by God'.

The problem about this album is simple: while we get a significantly better sound (a change of label has been of great help here (note by the Admin: Solitude Productions are one of the few labels which fully support the studio costs, when needed)) and a bit more aggressiveness (the Black Metal-infused end of 'The Slave of Forgotten Graves'), the rest of the music hasn't changed a bit. 'Leaving the Place Forgotten by God' is still a good album bringing together the best parts of old Katatonia and My Dying Bride. But it's also a very average album, the kind I've already heard a hundred times or so from the Russian-speaking countries. And it really starts to be a problem.

Like I've said before, I'm a sucker for any Katatonia/My Dying Bride- influenced band that manages to deliver well-played music. But sometimes, I just need more than a good copycat. There are songs on this album which show the amount of work Embrace Of Silence have put into it ('The Gates of Remembrance' and 'I'm Your Jesus' are personal favourites), and the guitar parts can be truly awesome sometimes, bringing back the best of what the Finnish Funeral Doom scene has produced. Furthermore, the fact that the musicians are very good at what they do cannot go unnoticed either.

There's a lot of feeling here, and I admit that this is a big improvement on their earlier works. Still, I cannot get the impression out of my head that Embrace Of Silence could have done far better. Right now, they are just a good band having released an average yet enjoyable album. They are a step away from a true masterpiece. I really hope they'll be able to take that step next time.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
In Gloom of Somnolent Night
The Slave of Forgotten Graves
The Gates of Remembrance
Silent Voice, Empty Words
Way to Salvation
In Angel's Hand
I'm Your Jesus

Duration : Approx. 44 minutes

Visit the Embrace Of Silence bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-09-22 by Laurent Lignon
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