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Sloth (US) : Smegma Latency Research Group/Sloth Split

The famous low-print (50 copies) 'Raging Retards/Sloth Split' is finally re-released for a wider audience.

The 'Raging Retards/Sloth Split' came into existence in 1997. It was in my eyes one of Sloth's best efforts at that point - it still is, actually - but there was only a few people who got to enjoy it. A mere 50 copies were made and for twelve years this split was nearly impossible to find, and on such rare happenings they quickly reached up to $70 on eBay. My own copy was a bargain of $50. But now the Sloth fanclub can rejoice - with all the bumping, wanking and retarded noises required on such an occation - for Menace To Sobriety has decided to let this split go rampant on a wider audience: The split has been re-released and in no limited amount!

As the reader may well have noticed, the split has changed name. This is due to Raging Retards changing their name to the more academic Smegma Latency Research Group. I did an hours search through Google and MedLine and found no articles on the subject of smegma latency or production rate, which means that they are doing pioneering research although I can't imagine that there is more than a handful who would be interested in the results. I guess their music can be described likewise: The sproingy, chaotic keyboard noise which is the sound of Smegma Latency Research Group clearly treads where no one has trodden before, yet the insanity of it should make for a rather small fanbase.

At this point I'd like to point out a few things regarding the tracks by Smegma Latency Research Group. The most obvious change since the original release is that they have translated the song titles to German, for God knows what reason. Also they have renamed 'Mr. Watson' to 'wal' ("whale") and 'Seal Clubbing' to 'schlagen' ("beat"), again seemingly without any sane explanation. Finally, they have left out the track 'Krieg' from the re-release, perhaps because translating German to German challenged their mental health. Now, losing 'Krieg' was not a huge loss, but at the same time the two bonus tracks aren't really good enough to make up for this.

Sloth has kept their side intact, and that is a true relief. Each of the tracks found here are essential to any collector, and that statement includes the bonus track. The songs are mostly heavy and sludgy, although the doomyness is restricted to 'choking biches' and 'st. vitus cover'. The songs are as hilarious as they are catchy, and I must admit I've had to stop myself from singing "choking bitches is the number one feeling, when I'm choking bitches my bones hits the ceeling," aloud in public.

My verdict is simple. The original was a must have for anyone who find Sloth funny or who like their sludgier bits, and the re-release just made it all the more mandatory to own a copy. If you're properly fucked up then you just might like Smegma Latency Research Group too.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Smegma Latency Research Group:
1. wal *
2. pflanzenfresser *
3. der puritan *
4. jimi hendrix
5. die ballade für Lee *
6. straße justiz *
7. herrscher der tanzfläche *
8. verrat *
9. schlagen *
10. der könig ist tot *
11. jimi jendrix
12. selbstmord *
13. straße justiz (reversed) [bonus track] *
14. die ballade für Lee 2002 [bonus track 2] *

15. ugly town
16. (do not) stand in the shadows
17. choking bitches
18. st. vitus cover
19. get though [bonus track 3]

1. whale
2. herbivore
3. the puritan
5. the ballad of Lee
6. street justice
7. ruler on the dance-floor
8. treason
9. beat
10. the king is dead
12. suicide
13. street justice (reversed) [bonus track]
14: the ballad of Lee 2002 [bonus track 2]

Duration : Approx. 23 minutes.

Visit the Sloth (US) bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-09-11 by Arnstein H. Petersen
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