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Endless Void : Apparitions

You don't make vintage-sounding Doom like Endless Void compose anymore.

Strange like every time a new Trad. Doom project sees the light of day, every other reviewer pulls the magic word out of his hat: Black Sabbath!!! Shazam!!! Look how it sounds like Black Sabbath! It's very Black Sabbath-ean. The riffs are like Tony Iommi's and, yes, he's even aping Ozzy Osbourne's voice! Un-fucking-believable! How is it humanly possible?!

Well, let me tell you it would be misleading to compare Endless Void to Black Sabbath. Even if the Ozzy-era Black Sabbath sadly ventured into hippy-rocky territories, the band's Doom was and still is more enshrouded in dark shades than many of their modern peers. Endless Void, solo project of James Owen, isn't gloomy enough to be compared to the godfathers of Doom. Of course, James certainly listened a lot to Black Sabbath (how could it not be the case when you choose Doom metal to express yourself?), but, to me, most obviously, his music owns its hectic vibe, its free-whirling rhythms, its psychedelic weirdness to Paul Chain.

You can hear it's a DIY recording, but not because of the technical weaknesses which can be easily overcome but because of the vintage grain of it, because of the absence of everything that, at some point, aims to please the masses: no big sound, no momentums, no soaring leads, no overwhelming vocals, no brutality, no evilness, no Satan, no rotten corpses, no nothing. Just the pleasure given by a devoted singer/musician following the archaic path of a long dead kind of music.

Endless Void sounds like a stripped-down version of Paul Chain. Of course, James Owen is still very far from the versatile Italian genius, but in the simple, repetitive mid-tempo riffs, the eerie keyboard lines, you still detect the shadow of the psychedelism Paul Chain or The Black can display. And yes, there is also an occult touch in Endless Void's rough edges. Is it enough to create an atmosphere? In this particular case, the answer has to be: no. It is still lacking a strong vision, a powerful feeling that would transcend the music. Right now, the flow is too tepid, too predictable. That band is interesting though and, if James Owen can stay true to his odd music taste, if he can come up with a more substantial song-writing, it could become really interesting. Right now, on this second EP, you're 'just' witnessing a band in fieri, trying to build something its mastermind certainly pictures very precisely in himself but still fails to translate it on disc.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. R.I.P.
2. March of the Dead
3. Spiritualistic Medium
4. Bereaved
5. Apparitions and the Undertaker

Duration : approx. 25 minutes

Visit the Endless Void bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-09-06 by Bertrand Marchal
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