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Insaniae : Daemonium 3rd Anniversary Celebration - Insaniae & Mourning Lenore Split CD

A Portuguese blog celebrates its third anniversary by promoting two excellent local melodic doom/death bands: Insaniae and Mourning Lenore.

The DaemonivM blog was apparently born in 2005. That makes 2008 the proper year for its third anniversary. Of course, slow as Doom bands inevitably are, the split wasn't released until January 2009. Yep, the third anniversary split was released in time for the fourth anniversary. But, nevermind that this is a perfect complementation of the joke that doomsters are just that slow, there is also a saying that all good things are worth waiting for: DaemonivM's third anniversary proves that this may be true.

Insaniae remind me of It Will Come, a band I and others with me have praised into the skies and woed the downfall of. In fact, I would claim that Insaniae are blessed with the exact same qualities that made It Will Come such a great band: they produce reasonably catchy melodic doom/death topped with the magnificent vocals of Isabel Cristina. And this while avoiding the wailing mourning which the Peaceville Three made such a prominent part of the genre, instead focusing on a dualism between the coarse and the serene, which I would like to call some kind of complimentary beauty. This is how I prefer my melodic doom/death.

Mourning Lenore do not sound that dissimilar from Insaniae, but nevertheless take a fundamentally different path. They have much of what I call the Firebox-sound; by which I refer to bands such as Depressed Mode, Dead in the Water and Remembrance; as well as a fair share of the Peaceville Three's harsher bits, but little, if any, wailing. I would rather like to describe the music as being quite dark and somewhat monstrous; it's not unromantic, but treats all kinds of sentimentality as painful and anguishable. I'm sure you'll agree that such a description is only befitting for a band whose name is so heavily inspired by the works of a gothic horror novelist.

I must admit that I've had low expectations from the Portuguese doom scene, mostly because not many doom bands hail from there. I have been proven unjust by these two bands for clearly there is some really doomy talent hidden amongst the sunny beaches. As a bonus you don't have to put up with bad English, which has often been a curse with bands from Latin countries. This makes my verdict uncomplicated: I'm not sure how many copies were made of this split, but finding some way to explore these two bands is highly recommended.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. O Covil *
2. Tradição Ancestral *

Mourning Lenore:
3. Rain's Seduction
4. Patterns of Emptiness

1. The Lair
2. Ancestral Traditions

Duration : Approx. 41 minutes

Visit the Insaniae bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-08-04 by Arnstein H. Pettersen
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