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Krief de Soli : Munus Solitudinis

Krief de Soli’s second full-length has shed its adolescent skin to reveal a new, more mature flesh.

Two years after the release of Procul Este, Profani, Krief de Soli comes back with his sophomore effort Munus Solitudinis, also released on Endless Winter records. Liturgical keys, Latin lyrics, atmospheres close to Ahab’s debut were the main keywords describing the first album of Egregoir De Sang, the band's éminence grise.

In this respect, not much has changed, but the progression lies elsewhere. Despite all the good qualities found on the debut, there was a small amateurish feel about it, making it a good but perfectible album. The few flaws found here and there were most likely pertaining to some lack of maturity from Egregoir De Sang and/or the urgency to record. As if the man had already his own vision but was still missing the clear-sightedness and maturity to render it perfectly. Krief de Soli’s Munus Solitudinis has shed its adolescent skin to reveal a new, more mature flesh.

While the analogy with Skepticism was only accessory on the debut, the ties grow stronger on the new record. This is not per se Skepticim’s burial’s organ fest, but rather a lighter version of it, still bathed in religiosity, calmer, more eerie than the music of the Finns so that when you reach ‘Sanguis Et Umbra Sumus’, the final chapter of this new symphony, you’ve at last landed on the shores of a mystical country where oblivious peace is enthroned. That serenity, this peace are exactly what the progression between the two records is about. For some reason, Procul Este, Profani packed too many things in too little a time, and felt immature in this regard. On the other hand, Munus Solitudinis accepts the constraints of time and plays with them to eventually subdue and annihilate the very concept of time.

Keys still play the main role here and again, if you are allergic to an overabundance of them, you’d better skip this purchase. However, you should not believe this to be some kind of re-reading of Colosseum or Shape of Despair or some Russian avalanche of kitsch. Their solemn and grandiose character is really what makes Krief de Soli so special. The almost Medieval approach, emphasized by the Latin lyrics, provides bold and epic moments and gives even more credibility to the religious side of Krief de Soli.

It doesn't really matter if you are acquainted with Krief de Soli’s debut or not, because this new release, blessed with even more grandeur, is a safe buy if you look for original and great Funeral Doom. At this rate, we even could expect the impossible from Egregoir De Sang in the next two years.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Nascentes Morimur
2. Vita Memoriae – Exordium Sanctus
3. Vita Memoriae – Apogaeus Rerum Vitae
4. Deo Volente... Caelo Tegi
5. Sanguis Et Umbra Sumus

Duration : Approx. 66 minutes

Visit the Krief de Soli bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-07-21 by Frédéric Cerfvol
Aesthetic Death
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