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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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This is cosmic doom like no other, old-school riffing, anthemic doom. Touchstones include early 70s bands like May Blitz, Budgie, and the ubiquito...
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Aphotic : Aphotic

Fans of cult Doomsters Dusk pay attention! According to the band themselves, all 3 members of Aphotic have at some time or another been part of this legendary Death/doom act from the US. However, don't get your hopes up for some ultra slow Dusk-alike Doom from Aphotic. Aphotic described their own music as Melodic Death-metal!

For the most part I can pretty much agree on that description, although they do have some more Doomy and atmospheric elements. The Mcd however starts off with a cliché Death-metal track entitled, 'Livid Dread'. It's in the vein of Swedish Death-metal Entombed style ('Wolverine' era). A nice Rock & Roll'ish Death-metal track. A bit more melodic than most death-metal.

From 'Glide' onwards more atmospheric elements are introduced into the music and a couple of times the tempo goes down considerably. We are also treated to some monotonous guitar work that reminds me a lot of mid-period Katatonia. Overall however, the music remains pretty melodic and keeps that Death Rock & Roll feel. Until the last track that is.

'Panoramic' is by far the doomiest track of the 5 songs. It is the slowest track and has those ever so lovely slowly grinding guitars we all love so much (well I do!). We are even treated to the occasional moaning guitar. At the end of the song the band however could not contain themselves any longer and the tempo goes up considerably, shame.

All in all this is a very enjoyable piece of music. I would recommend it to fans of mid period Katatonia who don't mind the music often being slightly more up-tempo. However, whatever ties Aphotic had with Dusk, you won't find them here. This is simply enjoyable, slightly doomy, death-metal.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Livid Dread
2. Glide
3. Psychoma
4. A Chamee To Live
5. Panoramic

Duration : Approx. 16 minutes

Visit the Aphotic bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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