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Antique : Book One

While the accompanying letter to this release lists Antique as "Doomdeath", the first bands that sprang to my mind were Goethes Erben (esp. their 'Gewaltberichtigt' album), Sopor Aeternus ('Dead Lovers Sarabande' album) and mostly Elend (any of their albums). Antique have more of a metal feel to them but still I have a hard time placing this in any kind of doom corner, or even a metal corner (the band does use some growls and has sparse metal parts).

'Book One' offers us chaotic song structures and bizarre vocals that within the chaos tell a sad tale about life. Antique focuses more on storytelling than on songwriting, which makes the music very hard to digest. Sometimes I am in the mood for this kind of music, but more often when I want to hear a good story I'll rather pick up a good book or watch a movie.

One thing that is hard to get around however is the excellent use of strings and piano compositions on this album. Antique offers an excellent mix of emotional strings, sad piano parts and chaotic song patterns. This ensures some quality 'darkwavish-floating-time'. Overall however, the storytellers in Antique have the upper hand, breaking the flow of the music. In short it means you really need to be in the right mindset for this type of music.

If you are a fan of Goethes Erben, Sopor Aeternus, Elend or Autumn Tears then you will probably enjoy this. The music in general is a little softer then the chaotic onslaughts of the previously mentioned bands (Autumn Tears excluded) and is a worthy addition to anybody into this type of claustrophobic musical storytelling. Does it however have anything to do with Doom-metal? No, not at all. Does it have anything to do with Metal? No, not really either. Reviewing this is an exception because I do think it will appeal to more darkwave and goth minded visitors of our site, but overall I do not understand why this album was send to us. I know I'll enjoy this release every so often during a dark winter night with the lights turned off, but that is also having said it.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Chapter One:
1. Take this sullen timber
2. A meadow to die in
3. Essaying Paradise
4. No tears for the devil inside

Chapter Two:
5. Elysium Cascades
6. Frost upon broken dreams
7. What temptation
8. One last Thought

Duration : Approx. 55 minutes

Visit the Antique bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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