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Sloth (US) : Angry Hate/Sloth Split

Sloth has done it again. I laugh myself silly each time I play this record. Now it isn't very hard to get the title as the funniest doom metal band on earth, but even if someone else tried, I'm pretty sure these guys would be able to stand up to the test. To be honest this isn't a pure doom metal album. This probably doesn't come as a surprise as we are after all talking about Sloth. All of the tracks have at least one doomy moment, but a few of them are dominated by noisy hardcore. The lyrics on themselves are incredibly silly, like the track about the 'Retarded Wizard' who chases a cute girl with a pair of scissors. Other tracks supplement the lyrics with just about the silliest vocals I've ever heard. The last two sentences on 'Obsessed With The Vocal Stylings Of Craig Pillard' are especially noteworthy. They actually remind me of Green Jelly's piglet voice from 'Three Little Pigs'. On the other hand they do have some vocals that are simply awesome. On the same track they also use some extremely distorted grunts that sound more like a lion than anything else.

The other half of this split is inhabited by Angry Hate. These guys have never released anything except from the two splits they have with Sloth. The band consists of Seth Putnam from Anal Cunt and Larry Lifeless from Upsidedown Cross. Angry Hate is basically an extreme noise project with Sex Pistols style vocals. Bizarre and drunk beyond what any sane person would have imagined. This is definitely music from the gutter.

It's not often that one gets so many weird things on one release. Sadly only 500 copies seem to ever have been made. The split 7" is rumoured to have been re-released. Let's hope that this one does too. [edit by author: I've found no other proof than the rumor, thus I've come to believe that the rumor isn't correct.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Angry Hate:
1. The Only Thing
2. Shut Up
3. Pray To Damian Storm
4. Full Blast
5. Battles In The East
6. Hospital Song

7. To Nagly Wypadek *
8. Dziekuje Za Przyjemna Wspolprace *
9. Retarded Wizard
10. Pants Crapper
11. Prosze Bez Lodu *
12. Obsessed With The Vocal Stylings Of Craig Pillard

Translation (from Polish):
7. This Is An Emergency
8. Thanks For A Pleasant Cooperation
11. Without Ice, Please

Duration : Approx. 37 minutes

Visit the Sloth (US) bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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