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Dreams After Death : Embraced by the Light

If you like Doom with a soft melancholic texture, then go blindly for Dreams After Death, you won’t regret the visit.

Funeral Doom is like Janus, the ancient Roman God: it’s a two-faced genre. Janus looked to the past and to the future at the same time. Funeral Doom opens the gates to two different realms: one is made of cold marble, gleaming under tragic skies; it’s the face Shape of Despair, Colosseum or Longing For Dawn wear with honour. The other passage is more obscure, it leads to inhospitable regions haunted by pests and vermin; Wormphlegm, Of Darkness and Thergothon look in that direction.

Admittedly, Funeral Doom is often conceived by both fans and artists as a testimony of a dignified grief. What also can produce fake watered-down elegies. You will guess just from the name of the band that the one-man project Dreams After Death builds on that first idea of Funeral that I described: it’s all solemn, sober and wrapped in Victorian violet velvet.

’Embraced by the Light’ is yet again another hint towards the band’s scope: The music strives to develop a majestic aura, making an intensive use of deep layers of dramatic keyboards, rustling like a warm night wind; they flow so gently that you barely notice their ever-present undulations. As the cover art suggests too, Dreams After Death’s ambition is to plunge you in a trance- like state, flooding you with cosmic rays of a Divine Light. I have to admit that the music does meet the challenge and lives up to the expectations.

András Illés is a skillful singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentist. His songwriting, implementing the grand scheme conceived from the start, is very mellow and soft; all roughness is kept aside, carefully planed. This is an aspect you have to deal with because for the rest, it is very well thought-out, modulating the musical progression that is structured in different emotional zones: somber when the deep growls grumble the bitter-sweet lyrics, smooth and deeply layered when the soaring leads let echo their ample chords, liturgical when the violins weep and intimate when the piano enters the dance and makes you want to lie in your coffin and close the eyes for some time.

Sweet dirges have a heady perfume, they teach you to love the mystery surrounding us; Dreams After Death’s music releases that very scent; Illés has managed to avoid the trap of bombast that turns marble into plastic and Funeral Doom into a vulgar sham. ’Embraced by the Light’ is his first full-length album and I can say that it is in every aspect a success. If you can tolerate Doom with a soft melancholic texture, if you like also The Howling Void, a band that Dreams After Death owes a lot to, then go blindly for it, you won’t regret the visit.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Genesis
2. Funeral
3. Meeting with the Ancestors
4. The Endless Time
5. From Time Immemorial
6. Outer Space

Duration : Approx. 57 minutes

Visit the Dreams After Death bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-02-24 by Bertrand Marchal
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