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Slow monotonous Death/Doom that edges a little towards Funeral Doom. They sound a bit like Shape of Despair or even Dolorian. Solemn, sad music wi...
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(Drama) : Zastor tišine

You really have to give some time to (Drama)'s first full-length to start catching all the subtelties it conceals.

(drama) formed in Croatia in 2004, released their first demo in 2006 but it took them another five years to come up with Zastor Tišine: their debut available via Altsphere. Shroud of Silence, the English translation of the album, features twelve tracks of Doom Death in the tradition of the ancient elders of the genre.

The promo CD mentions allegiance to bands like My Dying Bride, Anathema, early Tiamat or even Opeth and to a certain extent it is correct. You'll hear the doomed strings of the first, the eerie melancholy of the second, the naive despair of the third and the complex songwriting of the latter. Probably one of the best qualities of (drama)'s debut is their ability to mix all the good things you'd come to expect from a Doom Death band.

And that’s also exactly where the main drawback of this records lies. The very first listens give a feeling of too generic a music where all the clichés of the genre are addressed and performed as if attending Doom Death 101. It feels impersonal with the sensation of lasting forever and ever since the record is more than one hour long.

On top of the various influences cited earlier, the band adds female vocals on ‘Onako Sako Samo Ona Zna’, a few Black Metal sounding riffs here and there, the inevitable post-Doom treatment similar to Seidr and obviously the acoustic guitar interlude… If only for one or two listens, you’d end up thinking the band is unable to make up its mind and that basically they’re just another attention-whore.

Good thing though that I gave them more than just a few spins for Zastor Tišine is a grower. It will take you some time to get to the very essence of it and despite the whole heterogeneous feel of the record, (drama) consistently deliver high quality tracks and a personality of their own. The early-Anathema influence, namely The Silent Enigma, is the most palpable one throughout the record and with them delving into post-rock (-doom) on more than a few occasions, they do develop a very romantic scenery that only Slavic bands like Source of Deep Shadows or Dissolving of Prodigy are able to achieve.

They probably should have kept this a bit shorter because one hour is a damn long time to stay focused on just one record. It’s not that that track or this one shouldn’t have made the final cut but some concision in developing their ideas would have been welcome. In the end, I would certainly recommend this album for all Doom Death fans out there. Yet, in a present world where everyone’s attention span has (drama)tically decreased, it’s a challenging record and if you’re planning for only a few casual spins of the record, chances are you won’t get into it. For others not afraid of demanding records, get your own copy!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1.U Tugu Zagledan
2.Novi Dan
3.Olovo i Sjene
5.Moje Meso
6.Onako Kako Samo Ona Zna
7.Pod Plamenom
8.Pred Beskrajem
12.Vakuum duša

Duration : Approx.: 66 minutes

Visit the (Drama) bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-02-21 by Frédéric Cerfvol
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