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Kairi : Kairi

Kairi first demo is one of those records you could buy and give to your worst enemy.

Kairi Parker-Shikari started Kairi/the band as a Dark Ambient project, adding Doom Metal elements later on. According to the bio ”Kairi often do not use lyrics, instead going for a Word painting technique may up of gibberish or made up language, with more emphasis on texture and music”. Reading that, I was expecting some Atmospheric Doom, with maybe some Funeral elements. At best, what I've listened to here was just simply awful.

This is the 2005 demo, re-released on Satanarsa Records. What you'll get there is pretty simplistic Funeral Doom, with very abrasive Black Metal guitars. Not really surprising, considering the demo was released the same year SunnO))) released their sophomore tribute to Black Metal called ’Black One’. In 2005, the Doom scene was overcrowded with lousy Drone/Black/Doom bands taking advantage of Internet to get to a wider public than what their bedroom could hold. Most, if not all of them, never managed to gain anything more than a cult status among their colleagues and the only thing they really, but unwittingly, managed to create was the (in)famous C.O.T.D., which basically was nothing more than an infantile reaction to an infantile attempt at bandwagonning, eventually creating a new kind of hipster-bandwagonning towards 'True Doom' and more second-rate forgotten bands.

And that's all. This record is simply just bad. Badly played to the point of sometimes being litteraly painful to your ears, badly sung, without any ideas you haven't seen or heard a thousand time better applied elsewhere and overdosing on romantic clichés for teenage gothic lolitas (still, ‘Amidst The Stream, Her Ashes’ is a great title for a song). Even someone like me, who got a pretty high level of tolerance for second rate bands, couldn't manage to put up with more than two spins of the record, and the second one just because I thought that maybe I missed something upon the first listening session. Which wasn't the case.

As it goes, this is a record you'd better avoid at all cost. Or buy it and give it to your worst enemy. After 5 years of hiatus, Kairi/the band is supposed to release at last its first official album. I really hope they've took enough time to improve both their musicianship and songwriting.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. My Dream Became A Reality
2. Bad Tastes
3. Together
4. This Is The End
5. Amidst The Stream, Her Ashes
6. The Cruelty Of Love
7. While We Were Asleep

Duration : Approx. 50minutes

Visit the Kairi bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-01-18 by Laurent Lignon
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