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Apparently only released one demo before breaking up. While the music is mainly doom/death metal, there is one of the five songs that has a pop/folk rock melody...
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Fading Sun : Yawning Void

Fading Sun’s first EP is a 19 minute piece of bleak and uncompromising Funeral Doom.

Fading Sun is a two-headed outfit from Belarus; they released two albums in 2011: one split with another obscure entity - DSOLTB, guess what it means, tons of prizes to win! - and this EP, ’Yawning Void’ made of one track of the same title clocking in at 19 minutes. This funereal monolith has been locked in a tape, and as often, the music covers one side only. I admit I don’t understand why not take advantage of both sides, A and B, to duplicate the work on display, making our life a lot easier by allowing a comfy listen. Well, life is doom, isn’t it?

The band is still very young, and if you can’t precisely hear it in the interesting way the composition evolves, you can definitely feel a kind of immaturity in the foreign accents that permeate their sound. The obscure and ritualist Death Doom of Fading Sun summons the glorious spirit of one of the scene's most favoured bands from the past: Tyranny (and Catacombs and Evoken also to some extent). Everything reminds of the dreadful soundscapes of the Finns: the anguish, the heavy chords sprawling with a sense of dark majesty, the deep, deep, abyssal growls, the plucked guitar strings that vibrate like dank counterpoints, the muggy atmosphere that numbs.

Most often the voice overlaps the riffing, magnifying its mechanical, relentless vibe. The music follows some simple path, sticking to a very insistent pace. Sometimes deep hollows break in, carving an abyss in the song’s strucure. I find it interesting how the lead sometimes stretches in stringy filaments, it’s very Tyranny-like, with the appropriate pulsating undercoat, samples of ghastly voices, misted by a veil of morbid sweat.

Fading Sun play empty and barbarous Funeral Doom: the emotions conveyed are deprived of the funerary content associated with Funeral Doom and achieve a kind of ‘Poetry of the Absence’, a massive block of impassibility, animated by the only automatic mechanism of a repetitive structure which could coil inward ad infinitum if the track had not to reach an end sooner or later. They decided to turn off the power after 19 minutes, it is an arbitrary choice, as the songwriting seems to flow randomly.

The Production is a bit weak, but the music is consistent. However, this is a release I would only recommend to the most fanatic Doomsters.

Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Yawning Void

Duration : Approx. 19 minutes

Visit the Fading Sun bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-01-16 by Bertrand Marchal
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