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Mare Infinitum : Sea of Infinity

Everything builds up and fades down in brilliant fashion on the first album of Russian Mare Infinitum.

At almost any point nowadays, if I am given the opportunity to hear something new out of the Russian Doom scene, I find myself really looking forward to the listening experience. Add in a member of an already trustworthy Funeral Doom act (Comatose Vigil, in this case) and that just creates a stronger bout of anticipation for what lies ahead. So what I ended up with here is a copy of the debut Mare Infinitum release, Sea of Infinity. Now, first and foremost, one should make no mistake... Mare Infinitum is not a Comatose Vigil clone, nor do I believe they ever had any desire or intention to be. Indeed, the Funeral Doom pacing is present, but accompanied with lush strings, guitar riffing that isn't solely comprised of chugging or power chords, a strong presence of ambience, unsettling keyboard work and the occasional section of clean, well-sung vocals alongside the expected gutteral growls. Notable is the fact that, for this style of music, the occasional clean vocals are a brave venture, but a wonderful addition. Onward we go...

The ambient section in the middle of the first track mixed with the clean guitars is altogether mesmerizing, hypnotic and hauntingly beautiful. For the music of a band like this to just jump out at you the way it does is heavily commendable. Elsewhere, for short periods on 'November Euphoria', the horns used sporadically make one think back to earlier Skepticism songs, which actually garnered some mild chills (in a good manner, of course). As far as the rest of the instruments are concerned, the drum work is solid and mixed in a manner that delivers a deep, pounding feeling throughout. As far as the guitar work is concerned, the melodies are crafted magnificently, showing off immensely in memorable leads, while also coming at the listener with just the right amount of crushing heaviness. On top of all these perks, it's strongly noticeable that the production is fantastic, everything builds up and fades down in brilliant fashion and nothing really drags on longer than it needs to, which is sometimes hard to avoid within the Doom Metal spectrum. In all honesty, with the crushing and majestic atmosphere delivered throughout, I can't really think of anything negative to say about this album... and I will probably end up claiming it to be my favorite Doom release throughout all of 2011. It feels a bit weird to do it, but I've got to give Sea Of Infinity a perfect ten moonlit oceans out of ten. Seriously... what a relentlessly haunting voyage across the seas of Doom. Furthermore, this better not end up being their only release to see the light of day...

Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. In Absence We Dwell
2. Sea Of Infinity
3. Beholding The Unseen
4. November Euphoria
5. In The Name Of My Sin

Duration : Approx. 55 minutes

Visit the Mare Infinitum bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-12-25 by Jon Carr
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