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An excellent underground death/doom band that sounds like My Dying Bride in their early days. They broke up after the release of 'Ne Vivam' but si...
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Evadne : The Shortest Way

The melodies that flow throughout work incredibly well on almost every passage on that latest album of Evadne.

As a prelude to the listening experience, it's worth noting that Evadne are a relatively new band out of Spain. They came together in 2000, released a demo in 2004 and followed that up with their first full length (" The 13th Condition") in 2007. Jumping ahead to 2011, even if you've never heard Evadne before you will probably soon find yourself in considerably familiar territory. Not to put the band down in the least, but if you've heard a recent Daylight Dies album then you won't find too many surprises on ’The Shortest Way’. It's the tried and true, heavily melodic, Death Doom meets Gloom Metal formula, complete with a vast array of clean guitar leads over pounding, distorted rhythms and drum patterns with growled vocals to top off the list of ingredients. However... even though the band is pretty true to the aforementioned formula, that doesn't mean that they aren't damn good at it. ‘Complete Solitude‘, for all it's familiarity, is both astonishing and brilliant, as well as something to show off the fact that the frontman has really good clean vocals when he wants to use them. ‘One Last Dress For One Last Journey’ and ‘Gloomy Garden’ are both further fantastic examples of this.

When putting the album further under the microscope, it's hard to not find the guitar work throughout the disc incredibly infectious. With all of my Funeral Doom listening habits, I can sometimes forget that some guitarists under the Doom Metal banner can really play their instruments on an intricate (but not in the cheesy, wankerish sense) level. The melodies that flow throughout, laced with the undeniable heaviness, work incredibly well on almost every passage on the album. When it comes to other elements, the keyboard work, along with the overall production, is crisp, clear and beautiful all around. I honestly never really know how to talk about the drum patterns on an album, as I don't really play the instrument. They sound of great quality and the rhythms flow nicely along with the music without too much unneeded flash or flourish, which I feel is more than enough when considering what is expected of a drummer. All in all, I still stand by my feeling that they sound very similar to the likes of Daylight Dies or a far more interesting version of Swallow The Sun, but hey... I like this style, so I am more than alright with their use of the formula. We also both seem to use gmail, as noted on my promo copy of the album, so that puts even more grim points in their favor. Why would I tell you that? Because I can. From front to back, the album is definitely worthy of eight and a half misty, frostbitten mountains out of ten.

Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. No Place For Hope
2. Dreams In Monochrome
3. Complete Solitude
4. One Last Dress For One Last Journey
5. And I Will Leave Behind
6. The Wanderer
7. Further Away The Light
8. Gloomy Garden

Duration : Approx. 65 minutes.

Visit the Evadne bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-12-20 by Jon Carr
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