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Et Moriemur : Cupio Dissolvi

As many Czech bands, Et Moriemur don’t offer any stereotypical Metal.

After sunny vacation in Mexico, it is now time to come back to Europe and especially in Czech Republic. Subsidiary question: how many Doom Death Czech bands do you know? Czech readers may not answer, obviously.

Right, there aren't that many such bands and most of them remain confined in their local scene. I guess Dissolving of Prodigy could be the one exception, since they got some coverage when taking part in the split release, Unveiling The Signs, with bands like Gallileous, Pantheist and Wijlen Wij
Here come now Et Moriemur and their debut album Cupio Dissolvi. If you’re familiar with Czech Metal, you ought to know by now that these guys do not usually offer stereotypical Metal. They like originality and often tend to blur the lines between many genres. Et Moriemur make no exception to this rule. While intrinsically a Doom Death band, they add many other elements which make their music all the richer.

In between Gothic influences, medieval inspirations and crude Doom Death, Et Moriemur lace their music with an array of musical orientations that may be misleading. First of all, let’s see their small bio which should give you a rather clear picture of where they’re heading:

“Et Moriemur was born from the ashes of mystical truth, just like the mythological Phoenix. Its existence would be unthinkable without a doomed passion for sorrow. From the musical point of view, it could have never seen the light without a dying bride who swallowed the sun and lost its paradise under the god Saturn. As for lyrical inspiration and atmosphere, it was weaned by the very blood of life."

If you know how to read between the lines, you probably have found more than a few hints. And all these assertions are true and especially the “hidden” references to My Dying Bride and Saturnus. A fair mix between the Gothic feel of old-school Doom Death from the English masters with a more modern take as in the work of the Danish pretenders to the throne using clean, growled vocals and spoken (cried?) word in English, Czech and (if I'm not mistaken) German.

To be praised also is the great use of keys. Sure nowadays as Aaron even spelled it elsewhere, keys have become so great they can almost become any instrument and Et Moriemur have taken advantage of this. At times classical piano sets in to impose bleak moods, organ a la Skepticism, sometimes a violin pops in for more of this MDB resemblance or even harpsichord or accordion... This provides the various titles of Cupio Dissolvi with different atmospheres and contrasts greatly with the extra raw guttural vocals (though the not the best I’ve ever heard) offering a striking but welcome similarity with Polish Source of Deep Shadows.

If there were to be any concern about this record, I would certainly mention a couple of weaker tracks which, in my opinion, should not have made the cut (‘Abstain’ and ‘Insatiable Wrath’) because simply they’re a bit too generic and drag on for too long even though they show some good ideas. Otherwise the material of Cupio Dissolvi is perfect for any Doom Death lover with a nostalgic and/or romantic mindset and considering the genre’s depleted roster, one of 2011's highlights.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Deliverance
2. Deep
3. Insatiable Wrath
4. Cupio Dissolvi
5. The Cross and the Rose
6. Vanity in Vain
7. Abstain
8. The Last Poem
9. Zal (bonus track)

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Et Moriemur bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-12-10 by Frédéric Cerfvol
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