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April Morning : Lonely Again

The Mexico-based bands April Morning and Sorrowful deliver some unexpected and excellent Death-Doom.

Last time I checked, Mexico wasn’t really popular for its Doom Death scene. The country is rather home to some bestial Death Metal acts, ritualistic Black Metal bands or full-fledged Goregrind monsters. Earlier this year, you had the opportunity to discover Assyrian with their “debut” EP entitled Self-Portrait but it wasn’t really satisfying in many ways.

Opening the mailbox and checking the split release of two new Doom Death acts from this country, one named April Morning, the other Sorrowful and called Lonely Again, I thought the bio read wrong and that with such cliché names this was most likely coming from Russia or Ukraine (no offence Slavic bros!). Well… clichés stop right here and right now. True, it’s not the kind of bands you’d be most likely to pick up if you had the choice but you’d be ill-advised not to give these folks a chance.

Starting with two tracks from April Morning, the first one is some old-school Doom Death the way that only bands like Ophis do nowadays except they have their very own sound. The guitars are not a wall of saturation and somehow make for a Stoner version of Doom Death but the very raw vocals will grip you on your seat in no time. Is it because of Mexico that I’m bound to think Mariachis? Maybe so, but those “strange” sounding guitars give a ritualistic element that may not be overlooked and very close in essence to Negative Plane’s different brand of Black Metal. So don’t picture jovial Mariachis but ones that’d take you to your grave in no time. Very daring, original but in essence much closer to original Doom Death than most recent acts.

Cherry on top of the cake? That second track ‘Prevail’ is a gem. No more no less. Starting with mantras escaped from the highest tops of the Himalayas, it brings you down for ten full minutes with gloomy parts laced with up-tempo parts until the final blow is ready to meet your neck. As you think the outro is dragging on with morbid keys, April Morning (boy, did they hide it well under that name!) blast their way through the lowest pits of hell with an ending à la Archgoat… pure Black Metal hatred. It will leave you panting on your knees…

After such a track, it’s difficult for Sorrowful, whose part is named Serenity, to come into the game but still they do so with brilliant ideas. Much more of a classical sounding band, Sorrowful pay a dreadful tribute to early Peaceville Three gods. The sound of the guitar is a mix of Silent Enigma/Turn Loose the Swans for the slower parts, and As The Flower Withers for the more up-tempo Death Metal parts.

While, without any doubt, much less daring in form than April Morning, Sorrowful deliver very enjoyable Doom Death for lovers of the old English guard and it also has some additional Dutch flavor to it. Not original in any way but performed with the mastery of old-timers. They're not afraid to put in some real Death Metal just the way it was done before and while this split CD "winner" is definitely April Morning, in no way, you’ll be wanting to skip their part.

Two thumbs up for this excellent release from Mexican label Omeyocan Productions. We want more!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. April Morning - Lonely Again (version 2011)
2. April Morning - Prevail
3. Sorrowful - Fall from Heaven
4. Sorrowful - Burning Stars
5. Sorrowful - Between Shadows
6. Sorrowful - Blood of Time

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes

Visit the April Morning bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-12-08 by Frédéric Cerfvol
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