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Anathema : A Vision of A Dying Embrace

Before I start, this is a very frustrated review from a person who has never really fancied Anathema to begin with. Some of their releases are ok, but I have serious issues with this DVD. I'm sure a fan would look beyond the numerous flaws and find something interesting, but I really didn't.

The promo video section is the better part of the DVD. The first two contain lots of layered film which seems to be intended to go with the flow of the music and to give the band a chance to stand around according to their image. Curiously 'Mine is Yours' was also fitted with a completely misplaced strobe section that must have been intended for a track with a much higher tempo. Then there is the pleasant surprise. 'The Silent Enigma' is both a track of above average quality and with a really decent video with a few maidens and the band amongst some medieval church ruins - definitely the highlight of the DVD. The final video is a very average rock track with a slight touch of absurdness.

The live part starts off well with a nice slow tune. The band played quite decently, actually. It was actually the audience that bothered me the most. The crowd up front all acted like on speed. Even on the slow sections they stubbornly continued to jump around with their kiddy signs in the air as if it was Slayer on stage. It didn't start off that bad, but already halfway through it was beyond silly. However, it should be duly noted that this annoyance is only due to the mosh pit. The remaining audience seemed completely in tune with the music. The stage show was at its most active when Darren White, the vocalist, decided to spray some water from his bottle onto the audience. The remaining live experience was probably good enough for those who'd enjoy the music. For someone who's new to the band, then sound-wise, it seems to be a decent introduction to them.

Finally, there is a small section with six photographs. You can't choose which one to view. Instead, they flicker slowly past you for a little less than a minute while the band plays a short interlude. All the photos are of the band and some of them are almost identical. Completely unnecessary and annoying.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Sweet Tears
2. Mine is Yours
3. The Silent Enigma
4. Hope

Live in Krakow March '96:
5. Intro
6. Restless Children
7. Shroud of Frost
8. We the Gods
9. Sunset of Age
10. Mine is Yours
11. Sleepless
12. The Silent Enigma
13. A Dying Wish

Duration : Approx. 75 minutes

Visit the Anathema bandpage.

Reviewed on 01-03-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
No God Only Pain
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