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Descend Into Despair : Vanity Devotion

Enjoy the ambient and gloomy voyage Descend Into Despair have organised for you.

For an album with such noticeably underproduced recording quality and distinguishably programmed drums, many people wouldn't give a second thought to dismissing the self-released debut EP from these Romanian funeral doomsters. Those people, however, would be missing out on some surprisingly well crafted atmospheric Doom Metal numbers that fill up the short, but satisfying, 'Vanity Devotion' release. More than likely coming straight out of a Fruity Loops starter sample pack, the drums on the recording are the easiest thing to dismiss from the group... but even in their primitive form, they do help out the tracks, even if only as a basic blueprint to give some structure to the songs. It could elsewhere be argued that the guitars, which are laced with fuzz and distortion as one would expect from this style, are in severe need of better recording value... unless you're a fan of the guitar sound found on pre- 'Alloy' Skepticism releases. In that case, you'll be right at home, like myself, enjoying the ambient and gloomy voyage.

When it comes to the rest of the elements, the symphonic/keyboard sections are definitely the stand out parts on most of the tracks. Their presence is strong in helping establish a dark, brooding and melancholic atmosphere over a good portion of the music on the album. As previously mentioned, if you're a fan of a band like Skepticism (and similar Funeral Doom titans) you should invest some time towards the acquirement of this EP. The vocals found here are typical of the Funeral Doom genre's normality, with a heavy deep growl policy throughout most of the tracks. As with most of their contemporaries, this concept works well, so one shouldn't find many complaints to direct towards that aspect of Descend Into Despair. From front to back, this should be considered a strong release... and one that will hopefully gather up some interest from some of the underground metal labels in that area of the world. Give these guys some of your attention!

Reviewer's rating: 6/10


Tracklist :
1. Introduction
2. Dreams Of Sorrow
3. There Are No Roses At My Funeral
4. Drowning In My Own Ethereal Realm
5. The Day The Sun Turned To Black

Duration : Approx. 31 minutes

Visit the Descend Into Despair bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-11-19 by Jon Carr
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