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Lost Breed : Save Yourself

Lost Breed have been a bit overlooked in the early '90s, which is too bad as they play solid trad Doom.

As every Traditional Doom fan knows, anything labelled Hellhound Records is pretty sure to be a quality release. Such is the case with this album of a rather unknown US band, Lost Breed. First created as a more traditional Heavy Metal band called Legion in Albany (New York) during the mid-80's, the members soon relocated themselves in California (more precisely, Hollywood) where they met well-known singer Wino. With him, they recorded one demo in 1989, but Wino didn't stay too long with the band. 'Save Yourself' is their second and last album, and it shows your classic brand of US Doom Rock done with enough soul in it to make it an enjoyable experience.

However, the release date of this album didn't let it get any chance of being spotted by even the most die-hard Doom fans. 1995 was a bad time for Traditional Doom, between Grunge, Stoner and Brit-Pop stuff crowding the place. Not that Lost Breed were a bad band, mind you: they were just playing the good music at the wrong time, in the wrong place and on the wrong label (Hellhound was already near to close its doors). Musically, this is pure Black Sabbath-infused Doom Rock, not unlike what was created in Maryland during the '80s. A bit more up-tempo than your average traditional European band (something typical of US Doom Rock), but nothing to be afraid of. Guitar player/singer Pat Lyndon (also the only composer here) has the kind of whiskey- drowned tar-painted voice that has made famous Lemmy and Wino, and it suits the music very well. Riffs are in the complete Trouble/The Obsessed vein (Lost Breed toured with the latter), and so should clearly appeal to fans of both bands.

The production is quite retro, which goes damn well with the music, but could be off-putting to fans of a more 'modern' sound approach. Personally, this is exactly the kind of production I want to hear when listening to Traditional US Doom, as I think that too much of a polished sound make you lose that bit o' soul, y'know? All in all, this is a cool second rate Traditional Doom album from a band who never really had a chance to make a name for itself. Worth purchasing by any fan of the style, if you find it for cheap (which was my case), and a good name to be rediscovered.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Circles
2. B.A.C. (What You Fear)
3. The Gears
4. Going Strong
5. 472 c.i. Of Death
6. Lease On Life
7. Chop
8. Dragon Of Chaos
9. You Don't Need To Live
10. Tonga Slut
11. Simulator
12. Up The Hill

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes

Visit the Lost Breed bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-11-10 by Laurent Lignon
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