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Ancestors : Invisible White

With this EP, the transformation of Ancestors into a Rock band is now complete.

Ancestors is a relatively new band from Los Angeles. They have released two full-length albums which showed an interesting attempt to blend some Kyuss-worshiping Stoner Metal with Psychedelic Rock. This year 2011, they’re coming back with an EP on the great label Tee Pee Records; 'Invisible White' offers a real shift, almost a departure from to the band’s early recordings.

Their last effort, 'Of Sound Mind', still belongs to the Metal sphere. However, when listening to it, it almost sounds like a pure Rock album. With this EP, you can say that the transformation is complete: there's not a single trace left of their Metal past.

It’s quite possible that the fans of their full-length might not like this EP. In fact, this is so far away from the rest of their discography that they seem a totally different band. However, this does not mean it isn't as great as what they did before. Depending on your taste, you could also think it's even better.

Those three songs are to be filed under the 'Progressive Rock' tag, but it does not mean they sound like that post-intellectual, fast and complex non-sense which pollutes the scene. In fact, they flow quite slowly and gently. There is nothing distorted about their sound now, and the predominant instrument is not the guitar anymore but more keyboard or violin. The result is somewhat close to the softest progressive songs of Pink Floyd's early-'70s albums, with that same light and relaxing atmosphere. Listening to this EP is a peaceful experience... this is the kind of music you'd like to listen to after a long workday.

The title track is a beautiful song, and perhaps one of the best the band ever composed. The two other songs are also very good, but the whole suffers from an annoying problem: it's way too short. If it’s meant as a teaser for a forth- coming full-length, then this is promising for the future of the band; nevertheless, if this is to become an UFO in their career, then it would be quite disappointing because of its short length, as if they gave a salad leaf to a starving beggar. Let's wait and see...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Invisible White
2. Dust
3. Epilogue

Duration : Approx. 29 minutes

Visit the Ancestors bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-11-10 by Rubén Muñoz - - Bertrand
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