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Traditional Doom/Stoner band playing what can best be described as "Happy Doom" (The band call it "Epic-Power Doom"). Relatively upbeat and up-tempo music. Slig...
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Ocean Of Ghosts : Loss And Numbness

Ocean of Ghosts' second effort is something that should be heavily considered as an out-of-nowhere favorite for the Drone Doom community.

When the first half of your opening track gives the impression that your band sounds like the result of Thom Yorke starting a synth-flourished, fuzz-laden Drone Metal act, it can easily divide your potential listeners considerably fast. This could be especially true if the aforementioned audience doesn't have the most open of minds in terms of Metal experimentation. Bringing in a lot of Dark Ambient soundscapes and crushing Funeral Doom (Russia 's Comatose Vigil comes to mind) for the second half of the same track could potentially cause the same fragmentations. However, if you're like me, this is exactly the type of thing you want to see a band doing and something you look for in potential new listening pleasures. Heavy experimentation with beautiful production and a splended mix of styles turns album-opener "Nona" into a marvelous and brave affair. It's also worth noting how well the fuzzy lo-fi guitar parts fit in amongst the ambient soundscapes and vocalwork.

The second track, Alone, By The Sea is a beautiful ambient piece that is devoid of all guitar, drum and vocal segments, and finds itself perfectly fine without them. The ambience continues its drive into the third track for a couple of minutes until it's finally interrupted by some clean guitarwork, which then gives way to an all-out heavy and brooding doom assault that is Forgotten. The effected growls displayed here are overflowing with the feelings of hopelessness and otherworldly aggression as they find themselves to be a perfect accompaniment to the music at hand. From here, the terrifying atmospheric clashings found both at the intro and outro sections of "Death", as well as the return of the lo-fi guitars throughout the rest of that song give way to the over-distorted, fuzz-driven, maniacal finale that is "The Sun (The End)". Coming in at over 50 minutes in length, the 5 track effort from Ocean of Ghosts is something that should be heavily considered as an out-of-nowhere favorite for the Drone Doom community in terms of the last few years.

Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Nona
2. Alone, By The Sea
3. Forgotten
4. Death
5. The Sun (The End)

Duration : Approx. 54 minutes

Visit the Ocean Of Ghosts bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-11-09 by Jon Carr
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