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Tank86 : Rise

Tank86 play instrumental Doom that more than once fails to captivate.

For some unknown reasons, instrumental Doom is all the craze right now. Most of the bands deciding to go without a singer are more to be found in the Postcore/Metal/Doom subgenres (think Kodiak, Omega Massif, etc...) or among the more traditional Stoner Rock bands (Karma To Burn... ever heard of them?). Dutch band Tank 86 follows the wake of KtB, albeit with more heaviness, more sorrow... well, more Doom. Still, they are really borderline in the styles they practice. Most notably, fans of ultra-slow heaviness may not like this release, as it goes regularly in more up-tempos territories than what the average Doom fan may like ('Barrosphere' is a good example).

If you can overlook that, the album is pretty much quite simple and there's not a weak track, nor there is some really stand-out ones. This is instrumental Stoner, but without any progressive, occult or suffocating vibe. Just layers upon layers of guitars, no 'instrumental choruses' (i.e. the same riff coming on at a given time, giving you the impression of listening to a chorus), technical enough for the fans of technicity and with each song sounding a bit too similar to the other for my tastes. Most of the songs follows more or less the same structure ('start quick, slow down, then burst anew... repeat' or 'slow/quick/slow, repeat'), and I had a hard time trying to find any really memorable riff. I am either too accustomed to your traditional 'verse/chorus/verse/chorus/solo/verse' stuff, or Tank 86 have really a problem when it comes to songwriting. I think it's more a mix of the two, as some tracks ('Black Lake', 'Saint-Piran' or 'Gottes Krieger') seems to hold some great promise for live audiences. For I bet this is clearly where the music of Tank 86 will shine.

The problem I have with this album is quite simple: while it's well-constructed and well-played, the music on display never let me feel anything. There is a lot of good stuff, but I fail to identify any song here, and most of what is played just gets out of my head once the CD is over. Fans of instrumental stuff like Pelican but wanting something more straightforward should give a try to Tank 86. 'Rise' is not a bad album, mind you: just one that doesn't suit my own taste.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Barrosphere
2. Axe
3. Saint Piran
4. Apparat
5. Gottes Krieger
6. Black Lake
7. Infidel
8. Dying Mountain

Duration : Approx. 48 minutes

Visit the Tank86 bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-10-24 by Laurent Lignon
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