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Extremely slow Funeral Doom one-man project (ca 1 beat pr 4 seconds). The music is highly atmospheric, keyboard-based, with a majestic feel to it, and seems to ...
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Ancestors : Neptune with Fire

Fans of progressive and psychedelic music will love that album of Ancestors.

I know very little about this band; all I can say is that they’re coming from the USA, that this is their first album and also that it has been followed by a second one since then. I received this album as a gift for my birthday and after listening to it a few times I came to me that it really deserved a review. Both songs are made of a weird mix between taditional Doom in the vein of Reverend Bizzare and some elements of psych and Prog Rock.

“Orcus Averice” begins like a fairly mainstream traditional Doom song although with a strong jam feel; then, around mid-way, the band slowly starts to incorporate a spacey, psych structure that reminds me of one of my favorite non-Doom bands: Explosions In The Sky. As the song is progressing toward its end, it’s getting more heavy and ends up sounding a bit like Candlemass’Dactylitis Gloomerata’ or the first Krux album.

A small intro led by an organ opens the second song, “Neptune With Fire”; it evolves around the foundation that is set by the riffs and the rhythm section, giving the song a very strange ritualistic atmosphere. The middle part of the song starts with a direct reference to seventies Prog Rock but interestingly those guys have more in common with the continental European sounds (West Germany (when the country was divided in two parts, back then) and Italy certainly) than with the more ‘showy’ British scene; and as the song goes on, elements of movie score and operatic vocals come creeping in before the tension that slowly swelled until now finally explodes in a colorful jam.

In conclusion I could easily rate this album as the best I heard so far this year, no kidding, and I doubt I’ll find a better one in the coming months. Everybody into progressive and psychedelic music will love them and, at least as far as I am concerned, they have won a devoted fan.

Reviewer's rating: 8.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Orcus Averice
2. Neptune With Fire

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes

Visit the Ancestors bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-10-14 by Dimitris Plastiras
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