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Hands Of Orlac : Hands Of Orlac

The Doom Rock of Italian Hands Of Orlac dwells in the occult.

Only on Horror Records could this italian band, inspired by the wonderful short story written by Maurice Renard, have found the best vault to invoke their brand of Occult/Psyche Doom. First of all, let's say that despite being fronted by a pretty woman who also plays the flute, this is NOT a Blood Ceremony look- alike. No, Hands Of Orlac are more into the Dark Prog side of Jacula than the Canadian band will ever be.

Right when the opener eponymous song starts, you'll find yourself taken to a sabbat where King Diamond (I don't know who is the guest vocalist on this song, but he's worthy of the King himself!!) is holding court, while Tony Iommi is summoning whatever lurks in the flames of the pyre around which the guys of Black Widow are dancing wildly. This is Hands Of Orlac playing: a perfect mix of old sound with new ideas, not unlike Ghost but with that Italian gothic vibe that gave us Mario Bava. And the voice of G is damn more witchy and enticing than what Alia O'Brien ever offered us.

Each song is finely crafted, each is a masterpiece of its own in term of Occult Doom/Rock, and it's hard to not be entranced by the cool choruses of songs like ‘Lucinda’, ‘Castle Of Blood’ or ‘Vengeance From The Grave’. And let's not forget the excellent cover version of ‘Demoniac City’, the classic song from Black Hole. The only flaws one could find here isn’t one per se, but, considering this review has been written for doom-metal.com, it should be said that, more than once, Hands Of Orlac are more Rock- than Doom-related (but so are Ghost, and they're on our bandlist), and, from a sheer musical perspective, that the guitars are mixed a bit too much in the background. Nothing that can destroy the guilty pleasure you take listening to this album at full volume. Really, Hands Of Orlac are one of the best new bands to have risen out of this new wave of ‘retro/proto-Doom’ acts, and they fully deserve your support.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Hands Of Orlac
2. Castle Of Blood
3. Demoniac City
4. Into The Prison Of Sleep
5. Vengeance From The Grave
6. Lucinda
7. Witches Hammer

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes

Visit the Hands Of Orlac bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-09-13 by Laurent Lignon
No God Only Pain
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